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Charlie Casserly report: Cleveland interested in Bronco offensive coordinator McCoy


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No not QB Colt McCoy, but I think this is huge in terms of whether Cle goes after RG3 and if they get McCoy they get that option offense they ran in Denver, they probably go RG3. This is HUGE if you ask me. I'm nervous...I hope they get Mike Mularkey from ATL instead.

He mentioned that Jax would be interested in interviewing him for the Head Coaching gig there, no mention of him going to Cleveland(unless you read this in an article somewhere). He also wouldn't be allowed to interview for the same position he holds with Denver for a different team, unless it would a move up the coaching chain (i.e Head Coach).

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As has already been mentioned Shurmur is an offensive coach, he isn't going to change his system for an offensive coordinator. He and Holmgren are both believers of the WCO. The option isn't some staple of McCoy's offense either it's just something they had to adapt to. I wouldn't read that much into it.

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