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Filmdrunk:Man misses mouse and shoots roommate, revealing child rapist (Mouse Thread Number 2 today)


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I can't really explain this:

A 34-year-old man has been arrested for investigation of multiple counts of sex abuse against a 13-year-old girl.

The four-month relationship was discovered after a bizarre incident at the man's house in which one of his housemates was shot by a third housemate who was reportedly trying to shoot a mouse in his kitchen with a 9mm handgun, according to investigators.


Click link for more... Because, let's face it... You know you want to know the whole story...

The comments are golden:

All those dudes living together and it’s a chick that ends up coming out of the closet.
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A fourth roommate, Zach Baker, told Fox 13 that he slept through the gunfire.

“I got woken up by the cops,” Baker said. “They came storming in my room, checking to make sure everybody was OK and nobody was shot or anything like that.”

“I’d never seen the girl there before and I don’t know how long she’d been there,” he added. “They said she’d been hiding in a closet and that creeps me out. … I knew the guy was weird, but I didn’t expect anything like that to happen.”

Police said they suspected alcohol was involved. [RawStory]

I’m guessing police only suspected alcohol because they’re unfamiliar with meth. There’s no way you think, “Aw, it’s just my roommates shooting guns in the house again,” and fall fast asleep like a kitten in a sunbeam unless you’re living in a meth house.

Yeah, I'm thinking there's GOT to be some kinds of drugs involved, in this house.


Edit: And this is why you use a shotgun for home defense.

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So the girl was willingly hiding in the basement??

Apparently. From the source article:

The girl told police she had sneaked out of her house without her father's knowledge to see Kunzler, according to a jail report

Also, even more WTF:

After further questioning, investigators learned Kunzler and the 13-year-old had been having a relationship for four months. The two had met through a common friend, Wyant said.

A common friend? With a 13 year old? And this guy is 34? Wow.

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