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DVD -- Giants at Washington.


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Ok, I have now sent out all but one DVDs of the Atlanta game. Waiting on one guy's address. Only ONE check came to me in the mail. If you sent a check, I don't have it and you haven't had an Atlanta game made for you so check with me via PM on that.

I will be making the Giants game soon. It'll be a little different. Longer than 2 hours and at a little lower recording quality, but not nearly as choppy toward the end. I already have three confirmations for this game and one other who's interested so if you want in, send me a PM when you can.


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Still have the Jets and Falcons yes. If you want those, hurry up and contact me via PM for the details if you don't already know them :).


I don't think I'll be doing a 16 game box set this year. Maybe in the future. If you want a game after the season I can probably make it happen. Probably won't be doing a full year though.

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Not to late at all my friend.

Just PM me for details or e-mail me at art@extremeskins.com for them. Right now I still have the first three available as well as the Houston game from last year, but that's about to be deleted for this week's games.

The first five copies of the Giants game are being mailed today to the first five of you to contact me. Remember, it's LONGER than previous games as I let things run a bit more. No commercials still, but, the game is 2:46 instead of under 2 as per the majority requests.


No problem at all. Glad we could help.

Everyone else.

Pretty much if you wanted the Atlanta game you should have received it by now except the people who've asked for it this week. You won't get it until next week as I have to budget DVD time for it. You guys have been active enough with this I may have to buy a faster burner :).

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