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Skins fans: What do you want your team to do this offseason?


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After watching five of your games this year, including both against the Eagles, I'm wondering what you guys have to do to get out of the NFCE basement. Injuries and weed aside, I have a few musings.

You have a running game. Heck, Helu helped me into my fantasy football championship game. I know that Helu and Royster are young, but you look like you have a nice 1-2 punch out of the backfield. Would the Skins toss Hightower and go with the young guns?

Your passing game needs a serious infusion of talent on the outside. If Davis gets it together, I think he can be a heck of a TE. Moss is past his years as a number one guy.

You need a QB, as so many have said here. Rex looked like he was just throwing the ball and praying that someone on his team would catch it yesterday. I felt a bit bad for him, because in some games he had no time to throw. It's like the ghost of Casey Rabach was pass blocking on about 20 plays. Rex looks good some days, but horrible on others.

O-line. Your o-line does a good job creating running lanes and open holes for your backs. They also do a good job of getting your QB force fed dirt on a regular basis. Your QB gets hit too much. Do you want a rookie QB behind that line?

Special teams. Let's just say that many Eagle fans were happy to see Danny Smith go after the 1998 season.

Some stats: Redskins and Eagles were both -14 for turnovers this year (Dallas +4, Giants +7). Redskins ran 1,032 plays from scrimmage, Eagles 1,036. Redskins averaged 336.7 yards per game, Eagles 399.1 (Jacksonville, at 259, was the worst, New Orleans, at 467.1 was the best). Eagles averaged one full yard more per play than the Redskins.

Defense line/backers. Fletch deserves to be in the Pro Bowl, and I think he is one of the most underrated players in the league year in and out. I wish the Eagles had him. It doesn't seen that any other backer is better than average at covering the TE or picking up a quick pass-catching back. As a unit, the defense gave up an average of 4.3 yards per rush, which is about the middle of the pack.

Secondary. QB's had a passer rating of 87.4 this year. Not bad, not great. You need safties that can cover from what I see. On the corners, how did Carlos Rogers suddenly become Mr. Glue Hands and get int's with another team? Overall, your pass D unit ranks 21 in scoring defense, but 12th overall when all stats are considered (according to NFL.com stats).

Some stats, NFCE, Scoring Def, ppg: Eagles, 20.5, Cowboys, 21.7, Redskins, 22.9, Giants, 25 (!!). Pittsburgh, 14.2 was best, Tampa Bay, 30.9 was worst.

NFCE yards per game: Eagles, 324.9, Redskins, 339.8, Dallas, 343.2, Giants, 376.4. Best was

Pittsburgh at 271.8; worst was Green Bay at 411.6, followed by New England at 411.1 (the top seeds gave up more yards than anyone).

In my opinion, the Skins could be a contender with upgrades at QB, a receiver that can be a legit or close to legit #1, a line that can pass block, a playmaker and a solid safety in the defensive backfield, and getting rid of Danny Smith.

Can Shanny turn this team into 9-7 next year?

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1. Get a young QB: I don't care if it's a rookie draft pick, a young guy like Flynn (doubtful and not my top choice), or some UDFA scrub. I want a young arm at QB for Shanny to groom. Now I would prefer a 1st round draft pick, even one in round 2 would be ok, but I don't want another year like this. If Shanahan takes Mallet in round 3, or a flyer on McElroy (AtlantaSkinsFan's mancrush last draft) in round 6/7, then at least when this season is over in week 14 or so we have a young QB to put out there and show his stuff. Instead we get the "inexperienced" 30 year old in Beck playing for a few games while Rex recovers from pneumonia, then after we're officially eliminated from the playoffs we are stuck watching Rex, who might not be here next year and almost assuredly won't be here in 2 years, still turning the ball over on average twice a game and making mistakes that a rookie should be learning from, not a vet who's been around as long as he has. A rookie QB in a lost season can at least signal some hope for the future, however misleading. But I want a new, young, QB. Hell, get 2 of them. Make 1 the franchise guy to get time by the end of the year, and another to be your 3rd string clipboard holder for a few years.

2. Let some older vets walk, whether through FA or cuts. I'm not saying cut everybody over 30. What I am saying is that there are only 53 roster spots on any team, and only a handful of depth positions available. This goes back to what I said above about it easier to watch rookies (or young guys who are basically rookies) make mistakes that vets should not be making. Cut Locklear (though he may have signed his walking papers with his latest tweet) and let Smith and Polumbus (or a young replacement for Polumbus) have those spots. Don't carry Moss, Stallworth, Armstrong, AND Gaffney into next year. Pick 2 of them and let the others go. Whether that's cutting Moss or letting Stallworth walk, it doesn't really matter. 2 vets to hold spots in the top 4 of the rotation to start the year (maybe they're both starters for the first couple weeks), let the young guys like Hankerson (coming back from injury) work his way into the starting role, and the 2-3 extra spots are for young guys hungry to make an impact. Same with Westbrook at CB. He's been in the league what, 5 years? If he's only kept around as an emergency 5th CB and for special teams, give that spot to a younger guy who has a higher ceiling than what this guy has clearly reached. You don't have to cut everybody over 30, but you should limit the number of veteran backups to a minimum on a rebuilding squad.

3. Improve the trenches: Now this might happen naturally, with us getting Williams and Lichtensteiger back on our O-line, and with Willie Smith looking like at least a competent backup, if not a borderline starter; and on D Jarvis Jenkins will be coming back, guys like Neild and Coefield getting another (or first) offseason to adjust to the 3-4. I know the draft is a crapshoot, we have a lot of holes, BPA, etc. But I'd be happy if half our picks (even if just in the later rounds) were used on the O and D-lines. We have 8 picks, use 1 on QB, 1 on CB, maybe another on WR or S. Then use the other 4 picks on interior lineman. Another NT, a G and a C, something like that. Depth and competition is a good thing. Guys like Locklear and Golston can and should be replaced with younger guys if possible. I'd even prefer they re-sign Carriker as he's been quite effective, at least as long as he's not demanding huge money. Our RBs have shown great promise, and a young QB and our WRs would look better with a better O-line.

4. Get better secondary depth: I've been a huge Reed Doughty supporter, if only because of his story and his play on ST. But I'm done with that, he needs to go. Gomes is better than him and plays the same spot. I'm even on the fence about letting Landry walk if he demands too much, because he just can't seem to stay healthy and is more of a show-off than a solid playmaker. I'd like to give Atogwe another shot, but we need a good young backup in case he's hurt. As I said earlier with Westbrook, if he's hit his ceiling than find a young guy to fill his role of 5th CB/Special Teamer.

5. Fire Danny Smith.

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Trade back our 1st and get a mid round 1st and a 1st next year to potentially have two 1st's in order to get Barkley or another potential QB. I would do the following:

Resign: Fletcher, Carriker, Grossman (back-up), Hightower (competition), Pulumbo (back-up), Fred Davis (protected deal), Landry (if reasonable).

Cut: Brown, Sellers, Beck

FA: Flynn (QB), D. Jackson (WR), RT, G/C, CB (someone to challenge Hall or Nickel), SS (if Landry wants too much)

Draft: ILB, RT (mid 1st round), QB (2nd round), CB, NT, OLB

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Sign Matt Flynn. Pick up linemen (both sides) and defensive backs in free agency.

Take BPA available in the first round, hopefully it's a WR. If for whatever reason RG3 is there, grab him. He's not gonna cost much due to the new CBA.

Pick up interior linemen and defensive backs and recievers and an inside linebacker in the rest of the draft.

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1. QB


B) Flynn

c) Landry Jones

2. OFFENSIVE LINE. We have ignored this aspect of the team for too long.

3. WR or CB. I honestly have no preference. I say we pick Blackmon with our #1 pick if Griffin is not available. I don't want to trade up because we need all the picks that we have. Stockpile talent.

4. A solid LB because Fletcher will be gone soon I am sorry to say. Orakpo, Kerrigan, and Riley are all nice. Just need one more.

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We need a QB, a receiver, and a right tackle. Some real competition for Gano, and keep him on a short leash.

We could use a new starting right guard, but we could also do with what we have in Chris Chester. Investing in another cornerback wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Other than those things, I want to see the team kept mainly in tact. This year is the beginnings of a good foundation, particularly on defense. Time to build.

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QB- If Griffin is available at 6, I think we should take him. If not, I think we should wait until the later rounds and get a Kellen Moore or Russell Wilson. We are the only NFC East team without an elite receiver and if Blackmon falls to us, I think we should take him

RB- I think we're pretty much set. Royster and Helu sharing the load and Hightower as our third down/short yardage back.

OL- Use a lot of picks in the mid-rounds to shore up the guard positions. I like Kevin Zeitler out of Wisconsin in the second round, especially.

WR- Get Blackmon if we can in the draft. Otherwise, I think WR is not a huge area of concern and going into next year with the same receiving corps would not really bother me.

TE- Resign Davis, hope Cooley recovers. If not, having Paulsen/Davis as a combo is a solid tandem.

DL- Hope Jenkins makes a full recovery. Continue developing young talent.

LB-Resign Fletch and draft an ILB in the late rounds to groom his replacement.

CB/S- If we can't get RG3 or Blackmon, I think we should go after Morris Claiborne with our first pick. This is our biggest area of need aside from QB and I think we need to let DeAngelo go and find another starter in free agency or the draft. Not sure if there are any good free agents out there? As far as safety, sign Landry to a one year deal and hope he returns to form and earns a contract. Also, get his ass off of Arnold Schwarzenegger's workout program in the offseason and teach him how to tackle. And PLEASE make it so we have enough depth at the position so Reed Doughty will never start another game for us.

K/P- Solid

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I say that the team should:

Go get Matt Flynn

Do what they need to do to Get Justin Blackmon for our 1st Pick

Then use the draft and FA to upograde the Corner and safety spots, O-line depth or starters, and draft another QB for depth and the future.

I think if they can resign Fletcher, they can focus on ILB closer to 2013 and get some depth in that spot through FA or the draft as well in 2012

Blackmon, Hankerson, Paul, Gaffney, Moss and Robinson at Wide Reciever

Helu, Royster and Hightower at Running Back

Fred Davis and Chris Cooley at Tight End

Who think Matt Flynn could not flourish with these targets and weapons?

The Key is drafting Blackmon, signing Flynn and getting some o-line depth (which is only a RT and some guard depth)

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I really don't think tim hightower is the answer at short yardage back. They should get more young guys royster had one good game

Royster had two good games, In a row. Royster also had a 100 yard rushing game in the pre-season as well. Royster and Helu are beasts and running back by committee with the three back we have is an easy way to keep them healthy

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