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How many times a day do you fantasize about Bea Arthur?


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:ols: Classic

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I used to do it as much as 8 times per day, but recently I've calmed it down to 3 or 4 times per day. I just went almost one whole month without doing it at all, but I had to do it again, at the very least just to make sure that everything was still functioning properly...

Oh wow...

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i have to guess about 100-200 times a day. that means clicking for a second leaving and coming back for another sec and leaving again lol
Every now and then

Ain't got nothing to do all day now that college is out

Pretty much all day at work. What am I supposed to do all day, work? Yeah right! lol

:ols: :ols:

More than I'll ever admit to and just enough to get the wife mad at me from time to time. :ols:


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