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Redskins / Vikings Prediction ; Who Woulda Thunk

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Week 16 is coming, and at the beginning of the season, this looked to be a pretty good game.

Injuries have plagues both teams, but a chance to see AP utilizing his skills is something truly amazing, and hopefully Helu will show everyone that AP isn't the only back on the field who can impress.

Neither team has any chance for playoffs, but if last week was any indicator, at least 1 team will play their guts out. Shutting down AP seems to be the only objective, and the rest will fall into place; right? Isn't that the way it works? We will see if the domination of the Giants continues this week, and I think/hope it will.

Redskins -- 33

Vikings -- 17

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we'll win this not only because of Minnesota's non-existent secondary but also because Leslie Frazier is arguably the most "in over his head" coach in the league. He is just awful. God awful in fact. I could name a thousand sins he's committed and so many boneheaded moves he's made (just last week he decided to go away from AP before he even had him going, it's like he's trying to get fired). I can't believe the ownership there hasn't already made him walk the plank. Ok, rant's over

Vikes: 20

Skins: 30

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We came within a touchdown of scoring 33 against the Pats, and 31 against the Giants. Why is it :doh: worthy to think we'll do it against the Vikings?

It's like when somebody on here says we're gonna go 10-6 after several seasons of finishing below .500. Where's any kind of evidence that we can do this? Sure it could happen, but I'd say it's more likely we'll score less than 20 than over 30.

But I hope it happens.

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Vikings have given up 31 points per game.

Skins have scored an average of 23.2 per game the last 5. I think the skins put on a show and might score close to 40 points. Just a feeling!

Skins 38

Vikes 23


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Is everybody confident Helu is healthy enough to take on a full-load? (lol, fantasy motivated question)

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