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One last push to get London Fletcher, Sav Rocca and Lorenzo Alexander into the Pro Bowl...


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According to the Insider, Brian Orakpo is the only Redskins that comes anywhere close to the top of the Pro Bowl voting for the Redskins. And while I love Rak to death, if he goes to the Pro Bowl over Fletcher (and he will---Clay will be in the playoffs, and D-Ware could be there too) it'll be a grave injustice.

Likewise, Sav Rocca has been an insanely good weapon for us, and is one of the top punters in the league. Sav deserves a Pro Bowl bid more than any Redskins. He could make a serious case for being the MVP of our football team.

And Lorenzo is getting into that London Fletcher "why does he always get snubbed" category.'

These guys DESERVE to go into the Pro Bowl. And even if it's not going to help much in the long run, I think we need to make one last push to try to get these guys in.

All you have to do is go here to vote for them. You don't even have to fill out the whole ballot; just pick whoever you want and then submit it.

Tell your fellow fans, tell your friends, family, co-workers, the crossing guard, the dude doing construction, WHOEVER, to go onto nfl.com and vote for THESE GUYS at the very least, because they deserve. You can vote more than once if you've got time to kill. Like I said, it probably won't make a difference, but these guys deserve a Pro Bowl bid, big time.

Let's come out in full force for this one, Redskins fans! HTTR!

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