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All Things North Korea Thread


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33 minutes ago, spjunkies said:

My guess is he's already done since this leaked, who takes over? His sis? (Assuming he didn't have her eaten by tigers yet, of course)


He has a living sibling? I assumed he killed everyone after he basically had somebody solid snake his brother.

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Reporting has been unreliable. He disappeared for some time in the past and returned with a cane. Although if he does croak what will happen. Whole bunch of people fighting for power.


Wonder if we will ever see a free NK ever. The poewrs that be want to stay in control.

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Kim Jong Un’s Sister Could Replace Him If He Dies. Who Is Kim Yo Jong?


If you listen to U.S. intelligence officials, Kim Jong Un is at death’s door. If you listen to South Korean officials, he’s not. If you listen to North Korea, you’ll hear nothing.


The truth is that no one outside of a tiny group of North Korea’s ruling elite knows how ill, if at all, Kim is. But there have been sustained rumors about the dictator’s poor health since last summer, and given how morbidly obese he is and his family’s history of heart disease, it is no surprise that attention is now turning to his successor.


Most of that attention is being put on Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong.




Experts who VICE News spoke to are sharply divided about the possibility of Yo Jong becoming Supreme Leader. Some believe it would be impossible for a 32-year-old woman to take control of a country run by an elite group of powerful old men. Others believe she's the natural successor to Kim and that her recent high-profile public engagements show she is being groomed to take control.


Others still say it is impossible to predict what will happen when Kim dies.


But the possibility of a woman taking power in Pyongyang should not be equated with any softening in the country’s stance on foreign policy.


“It is entirely possible that Ms. Kim will prove even more tyrannical than her brother or father or grandfather,” Sung Yoon Lee, a Koreas expert at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, told VICE News. “She will also have to show her mettle by provoking the U.S. with major weapons tests and lethal attacks on South Korea and U.S. forces stationed there.”


Click on the link for the full article

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What Is the Coronavirus Doing to North Korea?


Immediately recognizing the extraordinary perils that this epidemic poses to “socialism of our own style,” the North Korean leadership responded with alacrity. On Jan. 30 — the day the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak “a public health emergency of international concern” — Pyongyang sealed its borders, canceled international traffic and tourism, placed all foreign visitors who had entered through China in seclusion and declared a “national emergency anti-epidemic” system.


North Korea’s security forces reportedly warned their counterparts in neighboring China that they were ready to use weapons to keep their shared border sealed. Smuggling — the North’s lifeblood in the era of international sanctions and, as such, long quietly tolerated — has been completely banned. An official reportedly has been executed for attempting to break quarantine.


Pyongyang boasts that not a single case of infection has been reported in North Korea. Gen. Robert Abrams, the commander of the United States Forces in South Korea, said in early April that this was “impossible.” “We’re not going to reveal our sources and methods,” General Abrams was reported as stating to journalists, but “that is untrue.”

No one needs to have top security clearance to figure that out.


The North Korean military seems to have been stricken by some sort of outbreak. Without notice or explanation, festivities were unexpectedly scrapped for Army Day on Feb. 8. The chief of the military’s general staff appears to have been quarantined for 20 days in February. Military exercises and drills came to a halt for a month.


NK Daily published an article in early March citing a source in the North Korean military who said that some 180 soldiers stationed along the Chinese border had died of Covid-19-like symptoms in January and February; “there were just too many bodies” to cremate, the source claimed. NK Daily has also reported that in early April several doctors died after suffering from “fevers and respiratory pains” at a military hospital in Nampo, a port town near Pyongyang.


Another news story suggests that Covid-19 may have spread to detention centers: 11 inmates in the Chongori prison camp, in the northeast, were said last month to have died after “respiratory pains.” During public lectures in late March, North Korean officials stated that coronavirus cases had been confirmed in Pyongyang and two provinces, according to Radio Free Asia. 


Click on the link for more

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North Korea steps up military moves as Kim Jong-un vanishes from public view


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hasn’t appeared in public since early April. In particular, his absence from the Day of the Sun celebrations on April 15 raised serious questions.


Now, according to South Korean defence chief Jeong Kyeong-doo, there has been an "unusual increase” in North Korea's military activity.


The secretive ‘hermit kingdom’ has, he said, “been heightening military tensions through an unusual increase in the inspection activities for its combat readiness posture, mostly of its artillery, and in its air force planes' flight operations.”


There’s speculation that Kim may be gravely ill, or even dead. In recent days his sister, Kim Yo-jong appears to have taken the reins of the totalitarian Pyongyang regime.


A power vacuum at the top of the North Korean government could lead to conflict, even civil war. And the unknown scale of the coronavirus pandemic within the country is an added complication.


Click on the link for the full article

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It's also trending on Twitter.  Maybe Trump was playing 4d chess with us all along, he knew Kim Jong was a fan of his and maybe he was the one receiving the bleach advice as some underlying message.  Trump knew he couldn't call him so he gave him advice during his press conference 

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