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Cameras at Fed Ex?


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Seasons Greetings to ALL

Taking the family to Fed Ex for the Christmas Eve game vs the Vikings. With the new security features upon entry to the stadium, has anything changed as far as camera's? This will be the 1st game all 4 of us have been too together, and I would like to get some decent pic's. Cell phone pic's would suffice as a last resort, but would prefer to use my better halves Nikon. Nothing professional with telescope type lenses, etc... Just a nice personnel camera. Would we be allowed to bring it in?



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Yep. From the FedEx Field Stadium Guide online: http://www.redskins.com/fedexfield/stadium-guide.html


Still cameras, digital cameras and handheld video cameras are permitted at sporting events. Guests may not reproduce any shots for any commercial use without the written permission of the Redskins. For concerts, still cameras, digital cameras, video cameras and audio recording devices are not permitted.


No problems with any lenses... I've brought a 100-400mm and a 50-500mm before. But no camera bags or backpacks. Even the purse limit is 4x10x12.

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