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Ron Paul with Jay Leno 12/16/11 (Plus Joe Rogan on wearing RP2012 shirt!!!))


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Part 1:

Part 2:


Hits on economy, WOD, Iran, Foreign Policy, Arab Spring, Israel, and more.

(Really slams Bachman and Santorum says "They really dislike muslims and Gays" LOL

If you want to get a slightly better view of why he hold his views, you get a bit of explanation that you never see in the 30 second debate soundbites.

Leno: "What things do you agree with Dr Paul on"

Rogan: "everything that comes out of his mouth!"

This interview added a million or more donations last night! as of this morning, his 12/16 teaparty moneybomb has brought in over $3.25M and will run through the weekend.

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A good interview. Some things I liked, some things I didn't. Same as ever with Ron Paul. Gotta admit, though, that Leno was lobbing softball questions at him the whole time.

Leno usually lobs softballs.

I was gonna watch the interview, but my disdain for Jay Leno over rides my support of Ron Paul.

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I suspect Leno is a fan. Plus, when does Leno really not lob softballs? Its a comedy show! Loved the Rogan spot too

Yeah, I don't think anyone is relying upon Jay Leno to be the guy who holds candidates' feet to the fire. :ols:

Great appearance, though.

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