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General Verizon Center Questions - Wizards Game


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I will be driving home from up north and thought I’d maybe see a Wizards game vs Knicks, Friday Jan 6, 7pm. Not really a Wizards fan but I do hate the Knicks! Would be my first NBA game.

So, naturally, I have a few questions. Sorry if they sound dumb, just not sure what to expect:

Should I drive in or take the metro? Thought I’d drive so I don’t have to backtrack but how’s traffic/parking on a Friday night in January? Where’s the best place to park, how much?

When do they open the Verizon Center? Is it worth going early, are the players out on the court warming up? What time would you recommend arriving?

Where’s the best cheap seats? Is behind one of the baskets not as good a view? I did find a cool site for helping to visualize - http://www.seats3d.com/nba/washington_wizards/ - but of course those with first hand experience would know more.

And finally, when should I buy the tickets? If I use Stubhub, do the tickets get cheaper as the day gets nearer?


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Metro/driving depends on where you are staying. If you will have easy access to the metro, then don't bother driving. As soon as you exit the Chinatown/Gallery Place metro, Verizon Center is right in front of you.

If this is your first NBA game, then don't sit behind the basket. The upper level mid court seats are really good and usually come at a decent price (around $25 or so). Also, don't eat inside Verizon Center. Grab something to eat before the game. The food inside is not good.

Tickets, you can scalp, use stubhub or go the craigslist route. I usually prefer using craigslist, especially closer to games. Most people are willing to negotiate down to reasonable prices 5-6 hours before the game. Most people will just email you the tickets. If you don't want to take this risk, then just use stubhub. Ticket prices for Wizards games are usually pretty fair.

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To answer your questions:

Definitely Drive! It is a no brainer...the metro takes forever. Park on 9th and G under Ella's Pizza. It is only a couple blocks from the verizon center; only cost $12 rather than $25; best part is it is really easy to get out of that garage after the game and you just hang a right on 9th out of the garage and cruise straight to the interstate.

You likely aren't going to find tickets to the Knicks game for that cheap (especially since it will be early in the season and no one "sucks" yet) Face value for that game is $55 for the cheapest tickets and I doubt you will find many tickets listed for under face value unless someone is desperate to get rid of them (which is possible)

I suggest spending the extra money and sitting in the lower level. You might drop $250 on a pair of tickets, but the seats/experience is 10 times better!

I also suggest you get their a couple hours before the game and eat at Matchbox in Chinatown. I believe it is on H and 7. Great food fire Pizza and good beer. Be sure to try the mini-burgers as well!

I wouldn't get to the arena too early, not much going on. I typically use that time before hand to eat and do a bit of pre-gaming!

Like Vishal said, I recommend craigslist for tickets. Use paypal and get the tickets emailed to you, that way you are protected. If you get them the day of the game, you will probably pay less; but like I said before, I seriously doubt you find tickets to the Knicks game for $25....but I could be wrong.

Have fun!

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