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WP: Joe Simon, co-creator of the Captain America comics, dies at 98


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Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Simon sure gave us some great heroes at a time when we needed them. Heck, we still do. Glad Simon lived to see his character brought to life in last year's movie.... RIP


Joe Simon, a comics writer and illustrator who co-created the shield-wielding patriot Captain America, the superhero foe to Adolf Hitler and a slew of villains since, died Dec. 14 in New York. He was 98. No cause of death was reported.

During the early 1940s, Mr. Simon served as editor of the Marvel comics predecessor Timely Comics. His death was confirmed by Marvel.

In March 1941, while World War II raged in Europe, Mr. Simon and illustrator Jack Kirby produced the first issue of Captain America. On the cover, the Stars-and-Stripes-bedecked superhero delivers a haymaker to Hitler’s jaw.

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