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Star-Telegram: Jerruh Stands by Jason Garrett (Vote of Confidence)


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by Clarence e. Hill

IRVING -- Dallas cowboys owner Jerry Jones initially bristled when asked whether coach jason garrett's job was on the line if the team continued its familiar December meltdown and missed the playoffs.

The question seemed legitimate given the cowboys' history of late-season collapses and their historic penchant for blowing fourth-quarter leads that have left them on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today.

Jones is not happy with the cowboys' situation considering they were a field goal away from taking a commanding two-game lead over the new york giants in the nfc east just two games ago.

Jerruh gave a vote if confidence to the Pillsbury Doughboy too.


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Since they play the Giants week 17 they still control their own destiny. Win out and they win the east. They could even lose one (as long as its not the giants game) and win the East. Heck, technically they still have a shot at the #2 seed (unlike the giants). But that would require New Orleans to lose the next 3.

Too early to quit on your coach.

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I wouldn't fire the Ginger Avenger, but the bandwagon fans are getting edgy and Jerruh knows this.

The NYG loss was the fifth time this season that the Cowboys have lost after leading in the fourth quarter, including the third time when they have blown a lead of 12 or more points -- something that had happened only twice previously in the 51-year history of the franchise.
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We're more sick of Rob Ryan's defense not being able to stop anyone in the 4th quarter, or really any time the game is on the line.

Two people who have no business being on this team ... Alan Ball and Frank Walker. They alone are responsible for two games (Walker against Detroit allowed a 3rd and 6 stop and only a tie, in which he held the receiver which gave Detroit and 1st and eventually the game). Hell, even Terence Newman needs to go!

The only two guys in the secondary with a damn is Jenkins and Sensabaugh.

Also keep in hind sight, this is a team that unloaded of a lot of players this offseason, had ONE free agent signing and cleared over 19 million in cap space. Throw in that, we were predicted to finish either 3rd or 4th BY ALL of the media. Not too shabby.

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