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With the end of the first season quickly coming, maybe we should have some sort of schedule set up for the offseason to outline when things are to be done. Once the super bowl is played, I'm assuming it will be resigning our own players, draft, resigning players cut by CPU you did not want cut, signing available FAs, then on to week 1 and back to trades!

With the weekend coming I think it would be wise to set a date and time now to do the draft. That way people will have 48-72 hours to scout players and be aware of when the draft is. I also think it would be good to get it dont before xmas and new years as I'm sure everyone will be busy then, I know I will be in Key West so madden will be the last thing on my mind!

Also, do we want to try and get new players in for season 2? If so, we prob want them to be on board for the draft as well. There are some good teams available that should not be hard to fill.

Finally, if you are not yet registered on leagues forum, please do so ASAP as that is our main means of communication! Link below:


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