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Why are you still a Redskins fan?


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It's another long, hard, lost season here in the DMV. When it's all said and done, the Redskins will probably end up 4-12, 5-10 if they're lucky. There are no playoffs and no Super Bowl in the Redskis future, nothing to really look forward to but the next NFL draft and the hope that things will be gone. Some fans are most frustrated than others, but I imagine everyone is frustrated...

...However, there's one thing that I don't get. There's a group of people out there who seem to believe they "deserve" a good season, or that they "deserve" a Super Bowl. I see a lot of rationalizing for not trusting the coaches, or the plan.

"It's been 20 years since we've won anything! How many rebuilding processes have we had in that time?" I see a lot of people say.

To which my question immediately becomes "Well, why the hell have you been watching a team that's sucked for 20 years?"

This team has not been any good since 1993, at least. They've had a few bright spots here and there made a couple runs at the playoffs, but they've never gotten close to being what anyone would consider a Super Bowl team. There have been far more down seasons than up, and enough drama and bull**** to drive anyone off the deep end.

But as we approach the end of the season, I get this weird sense of entitlement from certain portions of the fanbase, this "WE'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!" mentality, that all leads to suspicion of any move the team makes and a willingness to simply junk everything and start from scratch for any coach who can't manage to take us from cellar dwellers to NFC East winners and Super Bowl winners in short order.

I'm 24 years old now. I was only 4 when the Redskins won their last Super Bowl, and my Dad is a Dallas Cowboys fan. (Amazing I came out so well adjusted, ain't it?) While I certainly appreciate that time and can watch some of those games in awe, I don't have the same connection to the that era. Likewise, I've been a Redskins fan casually since 2005 and really got into it at the tail end of 2009. Maybe all I've ever known is the Redskins being bad, and that's why I'm more willing to accept period of rebuilding for this.

But for the guys who have 20+ years of cheering for this franchise, I just have to ask...why?

The anger and frustration that bubbles to the surface with every loss confuses me, as, in a weird way...don't you kind of expected? or everyone who says "I've been waiting 20 years for this team to win!"


Why drive yourselves crazy every Sunday? I'm not saying the Redskins will never be good, but seriously? You've been watching 20 years or more, waiting for this team to get better, and ever time they feel, there's some of you that get so damn mad it ruins your Monday. Nothing that sucks consistently for 20 years is worth cheering for.

In that time, the Ravens have come to town. Plenty of other teams have been easier to root for. While I'm all for being loyal to your team, if I'm 44 and the Redskins still suck, I pray to god I'm not still wasting my Sundays and time on them.

Some of you were my age when the Redskins last won their last Super Bowl.

So the question is simple; why, despite the many, many times this team has failed, are you still a fan? Particularly for the older fans, but just in general as well. What's your connection to the team despite all these years of non-success?

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What choice do I have?


I can't fathom anything but being a fan of this team. Sure I get frustrated, sure I'm tired of mediocrity, but why lose interest now after we have so many years invested in middling and losing seasons. For me there is no alternative. One day, whether it's in 5 years or 50, success is bound to occur, and when it does, it will taste that much sweeter.

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Too much time invested at this point!!

I know the team, the history, the players, coaches etc.... I am from VA, and while growing up at the end of the "glory years" you pulled for the skins in VA....

it is just in my blood and will remain there, I have a 3 year old son who will also be a Skins fan if I have anything to say about it.... although at times, I feel bad for introducing him to a lifetime of pain and suffering on Sunday afternoons!!

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My view of this is probably a little "out there," but I was born to this team, as I was born to all Washington teams. To be honest, when I have initial sports discussions with people and learn their rooting interests, I often judge them about this without realizing it. Say you have someone born in Chicago, grew up there, became aware of sports there, but roots for the Steelers, Celtics, Brewers and Red Wings...or all the teams from one city, but it isn't the city they were born and raised in.

I internally realize that I'm less likely to trust people like that, or want to rely on them for anything; I just automatically assume they're the sort of person who will save themselves or take off when the going gets tough. If I get to know them better, maybe it goes away, but it's always my initial impression of them.

No, I was born to D.C. teams, and I'll go to the grave still proudly supporting them, however much heartache they force me to endure along the way.

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I've told the story about how the attachment began, but that's not really the question as I see it. I'd usually say there's not any rational or logical answer, but I think in a very basic way there is---almost all humans need stuff to infuse with meaning and try to hold onto even when it's grim. That human need has as much basis in logic as it does in emotional needs and, in truth, the two are connected at an evolutionary developmental level.

Now what specific things we pick (football team in this case) are not the big issue; in these matters they're almost always a product of environment and opportunity (randomness playing a big role).

This is far and away the longest relationship in my life (over 50 years now) and as Henry indicated, it's as ingrained as it is voluntary. It's bone-deep in me, to use an existential phrase. :pfft:

When I was asked to mod this board, I was actually on my way out as an "active" member after just a year cuz I wasn't "an internet" or "chat room" guy, just like I told them originally.

It's my feelings for the Redskins that has made this a volunteer gig to which I have devoted a helluva lot of hours and energy and love (which did form for ES, too). And while I keep it to myself usualy, there are "fan" behaviors that are totally alien to me.

I have never been a "homer", but I know what it means to be a fan of this team from before George Allen's Over the Hill Gang meeting the undefeated Dolhpns in the SB, to now. Anyone who's known me in 3D will come to know certain key things about me fairly quickly, and one of them is that I am a Redskins fan.

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Redskins and my family go hand in hand. I'm a lifer. Like a marriage, you promise to honor, cherish through sickness and in health if you are a devoted fan. I am hanging in there, hoping to see the "healthy" days come back, and I think we are close. After all the garbage that the media and some fans have thrown and piled on this team, they, the team, are still fighting. Yesterday, I saw a team play with heart for nothing more than pride. The times are a changing, and I think the medicine is working.

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Haha as other people have said habit I guess, and cause I grew up in the DC area. Grew up a Redskins fan! It has been tough though cause I've been living in Baltimore for years now and was living in Baltimore when the Ravens came around. I had continued being a Redskins fan even though Baltimore is MY City. Now I've been seeing the team do consistently well and the excitement the city has for their football team, and I just have to ignore it to keep rooting for the train wreck that is the Redskins. Just the way it is! I guess the only thing I really can't stand about the Redskins is Fedex. What a terrible stadium.

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