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cbssports.com: Week 14 Judgements (NFC East mentions)


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9. Seeing is believing, and seeing the Dallas secondary is knowing how much it stinks. Granted, Eli Manning was sharp, but there were guys open all night. Tony Romo sits to pee isn't keeping the Cowboys down; that porous pass defense is.

15. Watching Jerry Jones' response to that last-second block of a Dan Bailey field goal, I have to believe that first-year coach Jason Garrett could be in trouble. The reason? Jeff Fisher is available, and he and Jones have been long-time allies.


2. Eli Manning in the fourth quarter. The guy leads the league in fourth-quarter passing, but, better yet, he has six fourth-quarter comebacks this season. This one, though, might've been his best. The Giants were down by 12 but somehow, some way, pulled out an improbable win. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan might've gotten this one right when he said Manning's an elite quarterback.

4. Philadelphia's chance to determine someone's fate in New York. The Eagles play the Jets next weekend. Then they move on to play Dallas on Dec. 24. Don't tell me they're not a playoff factor because they are ... and people in the greater New York area are about to find out.


1. Tony Romo sits to pee missing a wide-open Miles Austin down the stretch. The Cowboys were up by five when Romo sits to pee floated a third-down pass to Austin, who had beaten the coverage. It was the perfect call, and it would've worked ... if the ball wasn't overthrown. I don't know if Austin's hamstring injury prevented him from stretching out. All I know is the pass was too far and that it could've closed the door on New York. I also know it's time to get ready for another week of Romo sits to pee bashing.

5. That fractured right ankle to DeMarco Murray. The rookie running back has been the MVP for the Cowboys but now it appears he'll be lost for the season. Ouch. I'm with NBC's Tony Dungy: Stick a fork in Dallas. The Cowboys just blew a second straight game they should've won and haven't looked sharp in a month. Plus, they're 8-12 on or after Dec. 1 with Romo sits to pee.


2. Dallas coach Jason Garrett. I want to know why he let precious seconds tick off the clock after the Giants moved to the Cowboys' 1 with just over a minute left. TV showed owner Jerry Jones calling for a timeout. Heck, even Jones' daughter, Charlotte, was calling for one in the owners' box. But Garrett didn't, not until five to 10 seconds ran off.

4. Dallas cornerback Frank Walker. It was his holding penalty that kept the Giants' game-winning drive going, and what's new? The Cowboys kept beating themselves all evening, with Walker and linebacker DeMarcus Ware committing two costly penalties down the stretch. Bailey didn't lose the game for Dallas; the Cowboys' defense did.


• Whom do you trust more in the fourth quarter -- Tim Tebow or Eli Manning?

• Will the real Philadelphia Eagles please stand up?


3-0 -- New York Giants' record in the new Dallas stadium

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In regards to number 15:

Overall, I don't mind Garrett as a HC. His time management the last two games has been embarassing, but as a whole I like his approach. I do strongly believe he needs an OC though.(Haley? Norv?)

Not because I believe he's incapable of calling a good game, but because I think HC duties and play calling duties have been a little too much for the young coach to handle at times this year.

With that said.. IF Fisher wanted the Dallas job, I definitely wouldn't make a fuss over Jerry making a change.. Fisher is an excellent football coach, there's no denying that.

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Eli had one interception and almost a pick 6 in addition to not having to face Ware in the 4th quarter. If Rex throws those balls, he had a lousy game. The double standard of analysis is quite amusing, especially when you consider the talent gap in the support of the two QBs.
What are you talking about? The Giants are 27th in the league in scoring defense. The next closest team in the NFCE has given up 57 less points this year. And they have the worst rushing attack in the NFL. Not to mention that 2 of Eli's top 3 targets were 2010 UDFA. Without Eli, the Giants are neck and neck with the Colts.
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