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Sunday's Army-Navy Game wasn't just an affair for Patriots


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I got a chance to go to see the game yesterday and to be honest I had really low expectations. I really expected a dog of a day with the fans kind of numb on cold, bitter day.

It started out though with one of the better ES Tailgates. Huly and Pez did their usual magic, but also want above and beyond bringing in boxes and boxes of toys for tots and organizing a little fundraiser for our own Chief Zee.

Phillip Daniels not only did a stop-by, but he stayed for about an hour. He and his wife chatted posed for picturesm goofed around, and talked Redskins, the draft... by the way, Phillip is hoping we get RG III, and he is still bleeding B&G. His wife was pretty cool too. They met in high school. They were one grade apart, but Phillip was actually moved up a grade because of his height.

We got to the game and it started out with Rex being as erratic as he could be and then there was that double pump wait for the sack fumble in the endzone and you just thought.... Oh, boy. Then, somehow the game got good and as usual we got reffed.... at least I think we did. When they called back the punt return, the forty yard pass... I knew there was no way they'd ever let a touchdown pass stand. Clearly though, when Santana Moss separated from his man he kicked up a blade of grass and it struck the Pats DB. How can you argue that being hit by the wind sheer from the turbulence Moss left in his wake was not pass interference?

The best part was how crazy the Pats fans went above us. We really got in their heads and they were singing Hail to the Redskins when Moss pitched the ball back to their guy. It was funny.

For me, I would have preferred the win, but the loss is easy to rationalize and doesn't hurt much in a lost season. It was great to see Helu and Royster contribute and know that we will probably have at least pretty good depth on the o-line next year.

That was a gutsy game considering the record and then losing possibly our two most important players on offense to stupidity this week.

As to the title of the thread, it was kind of cool seeing Army and Navy at either endzone during the Redskins game. Then again, when you fight for Washington... you are always a patriot... we represent the nation's capitol... We are the true Patriots! At least that's we I told the Pat's fans.

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I liked watching the progression of the young guys -- Helu, Royster, Gnomes, Kerrigan, etc. Patch work O-line was decent,....Rex was,..well Rex,.....flash and burn.

I thought before the game that the Skins would put point up on the Pats,..and they did.

U told the Pats fans that "we" (Skins fans) are the real patriots? Really? Haha,....wow.

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I like your attitude and we did play well and had we won we would have deserved it but in the end we got beaten by that ginormous TE from New England, thank heavens we dont play them twice a season as an ex australian Army soldier i was proud that the skins lef the Navy and Army in the endzones it was a compliment to those who are or who have served and the worst decision was the one against Fletcher for his hit on baby brady had he knocked the ball out and recoverd that would have made it all the more interesting baby slid in too late he brought it on his own head so to speak that crew needs to be rested but i am proud of my skins

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That tight end was frickin' unreal. Great player.

I was also really moved by the Purple Heart ceremony at halftime and I personally love the rendition of our national anthem by our servicemen and women. They don't make it about them, but sing it strong and pure.

There were a lot of reasons to enjoy that game... many of them outside the game itself.

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Attended Army-Navy as our annual event at Landover. I've done Army-Navy games at all East Coast stadiums in the mix .... Fed Ex Field was great host. Glad to see that your team has finally installed the big video boards ... outstanding clarity. Army-Navy games are special events that outshine all other NCAA football games. This was no exception. We are Terp grads who also spent a lot of time in the South watching SEC & ACC games

Only negatives were extraordinary security control causing huge lines 3 hours before kickoff, confused stadium workers, and the condition of the grass/painted dirt. Perhaps contributing to Brady's slide. Fletcher must not have heard -- you need to face him often to understand that the zebras have special rules to guard Brady's pretty face.

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