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Redskins vs Patriots: Official ES P/K/ST Discussion Thread


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Sorry, guys, too much went south this week and didn't have time to get a crew together for these or develop solid OPs for these threads--so you're all on your own to get it rolling and keep it interesting. Talk football! Do it right! I have faith in youse! :D

(someone keep your eyes on Bang's blood pressure)

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Penalties penalties penalties. Bad ones, in bad situations by players who should not be making bonehead mistakes.

It has been said to me again and again that poor depth players that are a result of the former FO = mistakes by special teams that Danny Smith can't control.

So I guess that excuses Danny Smith from a 6 year veteran like Reed Doughty from his dumbass holding penalty on the complete opposite side of the field of a kickoff return.

On the first punt of the game, there's too many men on the field. Another sloppy penalty that is totally avoided if the players KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

I know. It's not Danny's fault. He has no control over how many of his guys run out on the field in between plays. He's obviously too busy being an awesome coach to be worried over something so trivial as his players being able to count to ****ing ELEVEN. Maybe he was busy opening another NINE PIECES OF GUM to stick in his mouth.

And of course, we kick off out of bounds. Again.

We give Tom Brady the ball at the 40 yard line. (They scored two plays later) Not Joe Brady. Not Bill Brady. Not Herman Brady. TOM BRADY.

Now, I know that Danny Smith is an awesome coach, and I am just a lowly fan with no understanding of the inner workings of theyaddayadda blahblahblah.


I would like to point out that today we kicked off 6 times.

Of those six times, we kicked it directionally once, and of course resulted in giving TOM ****ING BRADY the BALL AT THE 40!..

Two times Danny Woodhead returned the ball, both from roughly 4 or 5 yards deep.. and was stopped before the 20 both times.

(This is the one thing Danny's units do well, kickoff coverage.)

the other 3 were touchbacks.

Now, by my estimation, it would seem to me that kicking it deep will generally result in the opponent getting a MAXIMUM of the 20 as starting field position. It would seem to me that playing to the strength of your players, ie: kicking deep, and covering well (usually with a very good punishing hit) when someone is foolish enough to come out of the end zone; might be a good idea.

But NoOOoOoOoo.. what do I know?

So does somebody want to explain to me why WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK we have this awesome coach calling a ****ing directional kick that has resulted in 5 kickoffs out of bounds this year, and a pooch kick kick that gave the Jets the ball at the fifty.


The prosecution ****ing RESTS.

Fire this IDIOT.


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I'm getting the sense that when it's tight, Danny Smith starts getting too 'clever' with his kicking strategy. He's got a kicker who can ususally boom it through the end-zone for an automatic touchback, or maybe a runback to somewhere around the 15. Maybe Smith wants better-- but he should realize if booming kicks is what his kicker can do reliably -- than why not stick with that tactic, rather than trying to get cute?

Gano seems like he kicks best when he's not having to over-think about his kick. Throw in a lot of new things that weren't part of Gano's traditional comfort zone -- and the results aren't so good.

Maybe Smith needs to be a little more patient before forging Gano into a 'directional kicking weapon' - So, maybe at least for this season, it might benefit to have Gano to work in a little more time in practice, grooving muscle-memory before he's forced to try clever directional kicks on the field? I think with time, Gano will get very good at this too, but it's something that he's got to have engrained naturally, rather than thinking about his mechanics as he steps into the kick.

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Wyvern, you touched on the most maddening thng,, Danny's desire to do things that go against what his players do best,, his desire to somehow find an edge he doesn't need to find.

We have an edge. Gano can bury it, and the majority of the time it's a touchback. When they do come out, our coverages are very good and usually stop the man before the 20.

He HAS that in place, and yet week after week after week he tries to re-invent his wheel, and it kills us. There is no reason to ever kick it anywhere but straight at the goalposts.

Stupidity just for the sake of it.

Very very frustrating. Very very amateurish, and very very damning.


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Yeah, that low directional kick was a real head scratcher. What's the advantage? Esp. in a game you're in? Boom it out of the endzone. Two weeks in a row, Gano's been ordered to do something really braindead on kickoffs.

---------- Post added December-12th-2011 at 08:35 AM ----------

Gano's getting his aim back though... six in a row for Gano.

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Well, the thinking is to try and pin them back, and maybe to position the ball on one hashmark or the other,, but honestly, on first down at the start of a drive, I can't see the advantage in that unless a QB has shown a clear dependency on being on one hash or the other..)

But the fact is if they do dare bring out one of his deep kicks, we DO pin them back consistently.

There really is absolutely no reason to take any risk on a kickoff, unless we want to try and recover and onside kick.

It's the one thing we do well on special teams, and the fact Danny feels he has to re-think it every week tells me he really hasn't got the slightest idea of how to do the job he holds.


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Good to hear Danny finally getting some criticism on the radio today.

Shanahan was asked in his press conference if Smith had the call on the kickoff out of bounds, or if that sort of thing was discussed.

Shanny's terse answer, paraphrased: "I tell you what, after that one went out of bounds you never saw it happen again. I think that answers your question. After that one went out Gano did a good job of kicking deep and pinning them back"

Not really a ringing endorsement of Smith.

Perhaps the clouds are beginning to break?


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