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No need to hang our heads guys...We win next week and were back on top!!


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After all, the giants draw the bye and will sit at 2-1...

The Eagles get to play a pissed off Buffalo team that got ran over by Ricky williams...AT BUFFALO!!

We get The Pattsies at home and could come out at 3-1...

and the cowboys play sombody,but I can remember who??

By the way...I'm a big true believer that good or great teams also get breaks that help them win the division or make a wildcard!!

If we get a 4 or 5 game lead on the cowboys and the eagles,it may not matter how well we play against them!!

However;I would prefer that we at least split with our division rivals...3-3??

Remember,if we were to lose every division game,but won every game outside our division we would be 10-6...

so far we are...

0-1 in the division...and

2-0 outside our division...!

could make it 3-0 come this weekend!!

Bring on the Patriots!!

Hail to the Redskins!!!Baby!!

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