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A Redskins Reunion: NFL Films Presents (Pictures added as well)


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Only glitch I saw was they labeled Charlie Brown as Charley Taylor......has to be Taylor that is one of the top receivers.

But totally awesome of Gibbs to put together and host the thing......must've been a great time. Any idea on when this reunion actually happened? They need to get all the old Skins together at RFK for a group picture before they eventually tear the place down.

And liked B-Mitch saying that he'd put the '91 Skins against the '85 Bears.

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The 91 Skins would beat the 85 Bears. The 91 Skins, specifically the oline, evolved as a counter to the pass rush crazy teams of the mid to late 80s. Jim Lachey was brought here to end LTs reign of terror (which he did).

The Bears D was all about getting to the QB at all costs. Their secondary was average. They would be eaten alive by The Posse and I am convinced the oline would neutralize their rush.

The teams the Skins never matched up well with were the Giants and 49ers. While I think the 91 Skins could hang with the 86 or 90 Giants, Richie's defenses always seemed to struggle against San Francisco. I think the 89 or 94 Niners would be a tough game to win.

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