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The 112th Army Navy Game


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How do they decide which students get to attend the game each year?

That's a good question. I haven't been able to find the answer, but hopefully someone will.

Among other things, I'm looking forward to the "prisoner exchange" where cadets attending USNA are "returned" to USMA, and vice-versa, before the game.

I also hope the president tosses the coin too. I know he'll be in attendance, but I hope he doesn't just get whisked in and out. It'll be the second time I've been in the presence of a sitting president, which is always cool; regardless of your politics.

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Everyone attends the game. Nobody misses Army Navy. Even the UUPA(undergoing unfavorable personnel action) go....they just get Boomeranged down(on a bus in the morning and back immediately following the game)

From a USMA point of view. I can't imagine it is different at the more leisurely school from Annapolis.

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Looks like Navy will win again

Good game

Key play was Army player being drawn offside down 6 on 4th and inches, which gave Navy new set of downs

---------- Post added December-10th-2011 at 06:05 PM ----------

2 seconds left, Army will scrimmage from the 10 yard line



At the 35

Out of bounds

Navy wins it 27 21

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