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Fell two weeks ago, ruptured vertebrae, pain shooting down leg.


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I was sitting in my living room, having a good ole' time, enjoying doing nothing when i heard my neighbor calling for help. i ran outside and her mother had fallen. She was screaming and scared. I tried to pick her up, but she weighed a ton and she was very short, we finally got her into the car and I went home.

Next day after I woke up, i feel....twice.

Back was very effed up so Monday, i had my wife drive me to the ER.

I've been back a few times and I am not any better two weeks latter.:mad:

i have pain shooting all the way down my leg.

i have fallen numerous times chasing after my son...... taking percocete 7.5 Ibuprofen 800 mg some other drug that don't what its called......now feel very sorry for anyone who suffers from pain of any kind.

i hate medicine. i especially hate pain meds.

feel like i'm living in a thick pea soup fog.

don't really want to go on about myself as i now am completely sick and tired of ****ing about it.:(

i want to hear from you and have you share your horror stories about pain.

not so much trying to top each other, but how it made you feel and what you did about it.

Also, no need to wish me well, it's understood by you posting in this thread......group hugs make me cringe. :pfft:

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Man back stuff sucks.

Christmas about 4 years ago, my mother-in-law's stove was broken. One of the burners was stuck on, the knob didn't work anymore, so I pulled it away from the wall so I could unplug it. Effed up my back something awful. I had never had a single problem before that. But it got worse and worse until I needed my father-in-law to pick me up off the floor because I could not stand. Couldn't sit in a car to go to the hospital, had to get an ambulance. Since then I have had to go to the hospital again, gotten an MRI and cortisone shot into the nerve, and constantly run into mild to severe back pain and I'm only 34. I'm scared to death about what it's going to be like in 20 years.

At least now I've learned how to manage it and what my body responds to. Take some left over muscle relaxers, ice for 2-3 days, and heat pad until I feel better, I have been knocked down a few days, but haven't gotten close to the hospital since.

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Sounds like you herniated a disc in your lower back and it's pinching your sciatic nerve. The reason I say that is because I've had exactly that and my symptoms were severe back pain and a burning pain going all the way down my leg. Go see a orthopedist as soon as possible because you'll likely need an MRI before they can do much for you anyway. If it's really bad you'll need surgery to fix it and you'll want to do that as soon as possible if needed. If it's not too horrible they'll put you on meds and you'll need to go through PT to strengthen the area and spinal adjustments/massage to lesson the pain and the punch.

I started seeing a chiropractor that offered TENS treatments prior to adjustments. Worked wonders for me. You can buy your own TENS machine and it will really help the muscles around the injury release and greatly relieve the pain you feel in the area. Don't wait because it can get a lot worse, even if that sounds hard to believe.

It's been five years and I play full court basketball 3 times a week now with no problem. Don't buy into this "take it easy" bull**** doctors try to sell you. The goal is to get as close to normal as possible and nothing short of that. MD's love to just hand you some pills and tell you to take it easy damning you to immobility. You take it easy and your muscles weaken and one day you sneeze and throw out your back (it happens, not joking). Demand physical therapy and get that injury to the point where you can live your life not thinking about it.

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I got into a bad car wreck 7 years ago. I cracked a vertebrae and the disc between my C4 and C5 vertebrae got thrown into my spinal column, nearly severing my spinal cord. I was paralyzed for a few hours and, after a spinal fusion surgery, had very limited use of my arms for about 6 months. I had the pleasure of basically learning how to use my hands again. Nerve pain sucks big time.

I strongly recommend that you go see a doctor asap. I also think you should ask your doctor about a MRI if you didn't already have one. It sounds like a disc may be disrupting signals to your legs and causing pain. On that note, do you mean a ruptured disc, or a broken vertebrae?

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There is no horror in pain if you embrace it....the true horror is not being able to feel it as your flesh burns away or is excised.:)

back injuries do suck , but the shooting pains down the legs can be entertaining to watch according to my wife:ols:

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thanks. good info here. was really out of it when i wrote this thread. very tired.even now.

pain meds cause me to dream. i don't usually dream or at least i don't remember dreaming. i hate dreaming! i have nightmares about going to jail or being murdered. not fun. just want to go back to not dreaming.nightmares suck.

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