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Want to know why the Skins are able to come back each week?

The Evil Genius

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Here is an odd stat that I think means a lot.

3rd down conversion % Defense.

The Skins lead the league is this category. They have given up 5 first downs in 33 attempts - an astounding 15.2%!

When push comes to shove - the Skins D is standing tough on 3rd downs.

I feel the bandwagon getting lighter...good! More room for me :)

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Well, to me, that game was decided by the coin flip.

Not a chance in hell the Giants D would have stopped the Skins O in OT.

Too bad too...these are the type of games that used to get stolen from us in the Norvous years.

We could have gotten retribution.

Now, if we could learn to stop teams on 1st and 2nd down...:gus:

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That is a great stat. The problem with it is it doesn't show how many times we don't even get to third down before surrendering a fresh set. Like I said in a different thread, I don't even think the Giants had to face a third down in OT.

Anyway, we should thrive in 3rd down situations because then Edwards can blitz and be creative...can't do that on second and 3!

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It would have been nice if they had actually forced the Giants to a 3rd down in OT.

My yardstick for a good D is if you can stop the other team when you absolutely have to. They did a good job in the second half, but that OT effort really negates it.

Again, the Giants seemed to have a lot of success attacking the flats and the edges. There was a lot of similarity in their opening TD drive and that OT drive, which I thought were their two best drives. Is this something that can be exploited on the Redskins, or was it just a matchup anomaly with the Giants?

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