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Are we going to resign Davis?

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Coach is starting to talk about the extension and how it is going to play out according to him.......


Let’s parse this a little bit:

“We’ll see where Fred is going”—Fred had better not even look at a picture of a cannabis leaf if he want to make more than the minimum salary.

“ . . . they’re going to protect themselves in the contract.”—When a player signs a new contract, they want to get as much up-front money as possible. But if the player subsequently gets suspended, the CBA makes it almost impossible to recover any of that money. Shanahan is telling Davis to expect very little in the way of a signing bonus and that he will have to make his money from salary and roster and option bonuses. None of those are guaranteed.

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Can you imagine if Davis was on another team like the TITanS and finally in his 5th season, a contract year, he catches 5 TDs (12 total in his career) but gets busted for failing a drug test for the 3rd time with only CBA negotiations saving him from a year's suspension yet skins fans wanting the team to sign him when becomes an UFA?

Wouldn't most of you have an Albert Haynesworth flashback?

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