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What do you buy yourself for Christmas ?

Kosher Ham

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I typically buy myself something every year, sometimes expensive, sometimes really cheap.

There are always people that can not afford to buy you the gift you want.

There are always gifts that you know you have to just tell someone to buy you (takes the fun out of it for me).

There are always gifts that you can afford and know you need but never ask someone to get you.

I like to give gifts to my family. I really get a kick out of the shock on their faces and surprise that I listened and knew them so well. I take pride in it.

I can be hard to shop for because I tell people flat out don't buy me things that I may be interested in (Just because I haven't decided if that is what the one I want) or I just buy the things I want.

So what are you getting for yourself this year ?

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I enjoy buying for others rather than myself. I try and hit a homerun like you. I prefer the joy of others. I don't need anything.

It is a great feeling. I bought my brother in law a Yankees Championship hat a few years ago. The present he opened prior to that was something and he said, " I hope this is just something like a hat" My wife and I looked at each other and we knew we had picked out the right gift, then when he opened his DVR he was just ready to leave and set it up. He bragged to me about his DVR for months. Too funny. The hat cost me 25 bucks or so, the smile on his face was worth a couple hundred. haha.

Yeah, but I am getting myself something simple again. My wife is a really good shopper and actually listens. She knows what I want (except for that one stupid sweater, I don't wear sweaters)) all the time.

I am getting myself a few new white t-shirts. My wife bought me some a few months ago while out shopping, but I like the longer ones and better fitting.

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Condoms and bubble wrap.

Don't ask.

Meaning the NASCAR guy here ?

Oops. I knew I messed that one up.

I won't tell.

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Normally, nothing.

This year, hexacopter.

Just watch a little video of that thing. Funny because I was looking at helicopters this year and then decided not to say anything becuase I know I won't use it that much. Cool stuff though.

I might buy my brother in law an old school type of race track (the ones where you had to hold the trigger in the right place or it would fall off). haha.

Bourbon and cigars, I celebrate Christmas year round.

Bourbon is my go to. Love it, love it, love it. Cigars only for celebrations.

I bought myself a 23 and 20 year Van Winkle and bought my dad a 23 year old Van Winkle. Haven't tried it yet.

****, ;)

I saw that in the whiskey thread. I need to look into restocking. I can't indulge as much as I used to but I do eat out often enough to get my experiences with the product and I buy some for the house and of course have to try them.

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Video Games, no one in my family knows what I want.

I get that. I bought my wife Rock Band just for fun a few years ago. No one else would know she wanted it, but when we would go to the electronics stores she was drawn to it. We have a blast around the holidays and everyone plays. It is like playing Uno to me. It is easy and fun.

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Typically I don't buy myself anything. This year I've bought myself a kit/cookbook/instructional on how to make sushi.

Send me a link. Please. Sounds right up my alley. We love it and are both too lazy to make it...wait, thanks for a Valentines idea.

I am getting some batteries for all of the random stuff around the house as well. Who the hell asks for batteries ?

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I bought myself a pair of Timberland snow boots....because they are normally $190 and I saw them on Amazon on a Cyber Monday deal for $109 and they were already on my wish list (I have a wish list on Amazon) so I had to scoop them up. I also bought myself some beauty products- even if I get more, I can never have too many beauty products.

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My wife and I found the house of our dreams. So we're buying that and moving in on Xmas eve.

We're buying a tree and having our entire family over to decorate it with us on xmas eve.

Wish we could buy presents for the family this year but with the new house, we'll give out cards and cook everyone dinner.

This is going to be a great xmas. :)

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Personally, I think grown men look like idiots in sweats unless at the gym. Even then it looks silly to me.

I have not worn sweat pants since maybe 9th or tenth grade. Sweat shirts are fine most of the time.

Dude, he's talking about the polyester ones. The stylish ones with the stripes down the pant leg. The Nike and Adidas ones. Those are sweet as all get out. And comfortable as heck.
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