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ES Coverage 2011: Redskins vs. Jets (Final)


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ES Coverage: 2011 Redskins vs Jets




Jets 34 - Redskins 19




WR Terrance Austin

S LaRon Landry

CB Brandyn Thompson

FB Darrell Young

LB Markus White

T Willie Smith

T Tyler Polumbus


QB Kevin O'Connell

WR Eron Riley

CB Ellis Lankster

RB Bilal Powell

DE Mike DeVito

T Austin Howard

DT Martin Tevaseu

:logo:Redskins vs. Jets Week 13, 2011 Game Notes:logo:

:logo:1st Quarter:logo:

1st Drive: Offense

-Banks runs into his blocker. Not a great return. Ran into a pile there.

-Outside zone scheme, Helu found a cutback lane with his great vision. The OL got hats on defenders and created a great play.

-Toss play. Paulsen didn't get a good enough piece of his man. Helu gets 3 when he was dead in the water behind the LOS. GREAT play by Helu to get something there.

-Backside protection broke down, but Grossman got the ball to Helu, who again made something out of nothing with his agility and shiftiness. Helu came to play football today.

-Playaction pass, Royster didn't sell it well, but it didn't matter. The 'Skins OL protected well and Fred Davis was WIDE open. Ball came out, ruling is the runner was down by contact. Skins ball inside the red zone. Season long reception for Fred Davis.

-Helu with 9. Great blocking by the line. Those guys are playing much better as of late. Helu is shifty as hell. Great vision.

-Helu hits the hole hard again, squares up inside and gets to the 2. The 'Skins are offsetting Sellers "Near" a lot. That means closest to the TE, which was Paulsen there.

-Playaction pass, Grossman flushed. Incomplete to Paul. Lofted it out of bounds.

-Short toss to Helu who ducks behind his blockers, reads his block and accelerates into the end zone. Touchdown Redskins. Outstanding first offensive drive.


1st Drive: Defense:

-Perry Riley knifed in to blow up a block and the play was made directly in front of him. Well done.

-Great flow over the top on the Shonn Greene run. London shut down the outside and Riley wrapped him up.

-1st third down attempt for the Jets on the day, trips left formation. Sanchez finds an open Santonio Holmes. Wilson was on the coverage. Holding versus the 'Skins D, declined.

-Boot action pass right to Holmes. Kerrigan almost got his hands on it. First down Jets.

-Option for the Jets. Perry Riley had it read from the start. Outstanding play. Riley is extremely impressive. Loss of one yard.

-Presnap Atogwe bailed into a shell. Screen to Tomlinson for 16 yards. Well set up. Good play by the Jets. Tomlinson rolled his ankle on the play. Being walked off the field. He's walking gingerly.

-Greene with a good run, but London managed to get to him. London is a heady vet.

-No pass rush. Hall and Wilson playing 10 yards off. Ball sails over Kerrigan's hands again. Complete to Burress. Looked like Hall was playing over the top and Kerrigan had the flats.

-Shonn Greene gets 7 on a counter-type play.

-GREAT move by Rak. Stepped outside got the Jet blocker to commit and snaked around behind him to get Greene for a one yard gain.

-Jets are 1/1 on 3rd down going into this play: Wildcat. Shonn Greene gets the direct snap. 1 yard gain. 4th and one. They didn't get it!!!!

-Heavy formation for the Jets, extra lineman in. Going for it. Hand off to the fullback. Ref on one side marking it short. Sanchez signals for a first. First down ruled on the field.

-Sanchez misses just high on a wide open Plaxico Buress on a deep slant. Offsides on Orakpo. 1st and 5 from the 11.

-Reed Dougty attacks the gap off the snap. Limits Greene to two yards. He stayed with the wrap and dragged him down. Good tackling at least so far from the Redskins.

-Empty backfield, five wide. Sanchez's pass is deflected by the 'Skins front. Tipped by Cofield. He leads league for DTs in tipped passes.

-Jets 1/2 on 3rd down going into the play. They convert on a pass to Burress. Gain of 8. First down.

-Heavy formation coming in for Jets. Perry Riley makes the stick inside. Bowen comes up a little roughed up, but stays in.

-Off tackle run for the Jets. Shonn Greene touchdown. Extremely long drive. The 'Skins D needs to get off the field.

-Tie Game, 7-7, 17 plays, 9 minutes and 6 seconds.

2nd Drive: Offense:

-Armstrong returns the kick out to the 34 yard line. Reverse from Banks to Armstrong. Great start.

-Paulsen split wide, motions across. Inside zone, tried to seal the playside with backside cut back blocker. Not much on the play.

-Grossman misses Gaffney running open deep down field. Grossman throws a lame duck to Davis (not really, he just got rid of it).

-Great protection again. Grossman finds Moss open on a dig route. 'Skins receivers running open all day in the Jets secondary. Moss passes Bobby Mitchell with yardage gained for 4th on all-time Skins receiving yard list.

-End of the 1st Quarter. 7-7

:logo:2nd Quarter:logo:

2nd Drive: Offense (cont'd):

-Maurice Hurt looked aggressive on his attack there. Not sure if he missed an assignment, but he picked someone up. 4 for Helu.

-Quick Pitch to Helu to the offensive right, he accelerates FAST. Ankle tackle takes him down. 22 yard gain. He's a difference maker for this team. Big time.

-Quick pitch to Helu again to the offensive left. Nothing there. Hole closed by Jets D.

-Awful snap. Wobbled back to Grossman. Screen to Moss for a loss of a yard. Ugly from the start there.

-Skins 1/1 on 3rd down going into this play: Bunch trips right. Grossman has time. Can't find anyone, dumps off to Royster for three yards.

-Gano in for the field goal attempt: 33 yarder. It's good.

-REDSKINS LEAD 10-7... 9 plays, 51 yards, 4:43 second scoring drive

2nd Drive: Defense: (Last drive was 17 plays, 'Skins need to improve. Jets going with a heavy rush attack today)

-Joe McKnight takes the kickoff out of the end zone, but he's bottled up at the 8. GREAT coverage by 'Skins special teams there. Much better start to this drive. Let's see if the D can crank it up.

-Darrion Scott is in the game, as is Neild and Bowen. Neild and Scott both check out before the play starts. Thanks for standing there for a minute. Good face time opp. Bowen with a GREAT read and tackle. Loss of 2 for Greene.

-Cofield got blown back for a few yards there, but the Jets were only able to get one yard.

-Jets are 2/3 on 3rd down going into this play: 'Skins DL is playing head up on the guards there, in a 4 front with 2 DL and Rak/Kerrigan up on the line. Screen pass to Mulligan. Wondering if the Jets want to take a Mulligan on that play call. I crack myself up. Jets are going to punt. DeJon Gomes is injured on the play.

-Punt, Banks back to return. Banks fair catches around the 50. Holding on the 'Skins. Skins start on their own 39.

3rd Drive: Offense:

-Side note: Plaxico and DeAngelo are separated by refs during break. Lots of jaws moving down there. Hall is great at getting under the opponents skin.

-Grossman drops back. Maurice Hurt loses his man in protection. Grossman gets the ball downfield to Fred Davis on a great concentration catch. 27 yard gain. 'Skins try to hurry to the line to avoid the coaches challenge from the Jets. They don't get the play off in time. Jets challenge the ruling on the field

-Ruling is incomplete. Crowd disagrees. Good call.

-Davis seals backside on outside zone, Helu gets 3.

-Grossman with an AWFUL pass that is intercepted. Illegal contact called. 'Skins avoid a disaster. Not sure where Grossman was throwing, but it wasn't to the 'Skins. First down Skins.

-Outside pressure from Jamaal Brown's side of the field. Pass incomplete intended for Moss. Brown is big time disappointing.

-Grossman with time, rushes a throw behind Fred Davis. Davis was open. Another Grossman error.

-'Skins 1/2 on third down going into this play: Davis in backfield. Grossman bobbles snap. David Anderson running from. Grossman misses horrendously. The Jets are in Rex's head now.

-Punt attempt. Sav Rocca is down. He got hit. He deserves an acting award for that one. Running into the kicker is the call on Jets LB Garrett McIntyre. Penalty is declined. Jet ball. 37 yard punt fair caught by Jeremy Kerley.

3rd Drive: Defense:

-Starting from the 15 yard line: Kerrigan gets some heat on Sanchez, pass is completed for a gain of 8 to Shonn Greene. Riley was in coverage. Greene up slow.

-Outside zone boot pass. Sanchez runs naked to the right, blocking goes left. Lobs one to an open Holmes. Holmes hauls it in with one hand and gains good yardage. What a play by Holmes.

-Playaction fake to McKnight. No one open, he (Sanchez) tries to get it to McKnight running an out. Over his head. Incomplete.

-Inverted bone backfield. Play fake. Gets the ball to Burress on a post. Jets are using a lot of play action and Burress is utilizing slants and posts often. Must be something they caught in scouting.

-Inside zone run to the offensive left. Greene isn't all that explosive, but he hits the hole hard. Gains 8, defense got overtaken there. Great play by the Jets front, they moved the 'Skins D.

-Another inside run. Rob Jackson with a hard hit, but no wrap. Greene still goes down, but sloppy tackling by Jackson.

-Timeout New York. First charged time out for the Jets. Two remaining. 'Skins still have three timeouts.

-Jets motion Keller across to a trips left formation. Sanchez throws to Holmes, who is covered well, ball sails over his head. Incomplete.

-Holmes jet motions across. Sanchez finds Keller on a drag route. Gain of 1, coverage by Brian Orakpo.

-Jets are 2/4 on third down going into this play. Tomlinson in the backfield. Atogwe bails pre snap. Sanchez complete for 7 yards to Kerley to the 'Skins 27. Hall on the coverage. 4th and 2. Jets FG unit comes on.

-Folk attempts a 45 yarder. Splits the uprights. Perfect kick.

-Tie game, 10-10. 10 plays, 57 yards, 5:06.

4th Drive: Offense:

-Short kickoff, Banks returns to the 20.

-The Redskins are running to the offensive right often. Helu gets nothing. Jets snuffed that one out and were all over it. No cutback lane for the zone run there.

-Quick drop back by Grossman. Finds Davis dragging. Davis gets 30 yards, great run after catch there.

-Two-Minute Warning

-Playaction quick dump off pass to Davis. Loss of 1. Not a great play call there. They were trying to play off the Jets aggression.

-Grossman pressured. Helu not great in protection there. He jumped in frustration after the play. Grounding call on Grossman. Yet another bonehead Grossman play there.

-Grossman rolls. Incomplete again. Grossman throws the ball at his feet. Grossman very audibly booed there.

-Punt. Kerley muffs the punt. 'Skins recover!!!! FIRST DOWN WASHINGTON!!! WHAT A BREAK! Riley recovers!!!

-Grossman drops back and throws a pass to... The Jets. Dropped. Grossman is a major dog right now.

-Davis opens in the flats. Complete. First and goal Redskins. Timeout #1 Redskins. 30 second.

-45 seconds left in the half.

-Delay of game on the offense. Grossman tried to call a timeout back to back. Someone didn't pay attention to the Gibbs mistake a few years back. Again, Grossman cripples us.

-Moss running across the formation, wide open. Grossman gets him the ball, but late. Not a lot of time to gets YAC. Timeout #2 Redskins.

-34 seconds left in the half.

-Royster motions out wise. Grossman sees Moss, doesn't see the two Jet defenders. Hits both Jets in the hands and sails out of bounds.

-Skins are 1/4 on third down going into this play. Grossman sees Helu, and once again misses the defender that's in front of him. Batted away.

-Gano in for the 23 yard field goal. Good.

-13-10 REDSKINS LEAD! 6 plays, 13 yards, 39 seconds

:logo:First Half Observations:logo:

The Redskins offense was firing on all cylinders until bad Rex made an appearance. He's thrown directly to Jet defenders a few times now, and made a few bonehead throw aways. He's simply not reacting to the defense, but rather trying to throw the ball to locations where he thinks someone will be open. Helu seems to be running to the right more often than the left as well. Defensively we've allowed a 17 and a 10 play drive. We have to get our defenders off the field. Rak has played quite well. Cofield has a nose for knocking the ball down and Riley and Fletcher are all over the field. To succeed, Kyle Shanahan has to get the running game going again and rely a lot less on Rex. The situation dictated Grossman's involvement at the end of the first half, but hopefully it was noted how ineffective Rex was when the D was geared towards the pass. He was playing much better when the run game was working. Again, situation dictated the use of Grossman, but lets see if Kyle goers back to the run to start the third.

Overall, the Redskins have played effectively, and much better than they did against Seattle in my opinion. But, they need to continue running the ball. It's more apparent than ever that we need a QB this offseason. Grossman and Beck are really holding this offense back. But, Helu is a shifty, smart runner. He's explosive and athletic and most importantly a playmaker who is fun to watch. He HAS to improve his pass pro though. Good first half.

:logo:Third Quarter:logo:

5th Drive: Defense (4th was not mentioned above, it ended the half):/b]

-False Start on the Jets. 1st and 15.

-GREAT pressure by Cofield. Tried to volleyball spike the ball, but missed. Sanchez hurries his throw and misses badly.

-Trips Right Bunch formation by Jets. Skins look to be in a nickle D with Gomes playing next to Fletcher. Delay of game on Jets.

-Cofield tosses his man to the ground. Kerrigan gets behind Sanchez and pressures. Sanchez feels it and lets one fly to no one.

-Jets 2/5 on third down going into this play. Gotta get off the field on the Jets own 5 here. Quick pass from Sanchez to Turner. Gets to the 10 and gains some punting room.

-Conley in to punt, punt lands out of bounds, 46 yard punt. 'Skins take over at their own 43.

5th Drive: Offense:

-Sellers very aggressive with his downfield blocking. Diving at a defender down field to try to get a piece. Helu gets 5.

-Toss to the left bottled up. Helu loses four yards. Maybe it's just me, but the 'Skins look for successful to their offensive right.

-Skins 1/5 on 3rd down going into the play. Pass to Davis, incomplete. Crowd wanted PI on the D, but the pass was poorly thrown anyways.

-Rocca in to punt. Jim Leonhard back to return. He almost bobbles the fair catch, but hauls it in.

6th Drive: Defense:

-Jets start at their own 18. Stretch to the offensive right. Kerrigan gets under his blocker and gets a hold of Green's legs. No gain. Good play by Kerrigan.

-Kevin Barnes with a lazy pressure. Sanchez sees it and gets the ball out to the evacuated receiver, which was Keller. Fletcher got over the top and made the tackle.

-Jets 2/6 on third down going into this play: Sanchez drops back. Has time. Holds the ball, Barnes pressures. Incomplete.

-Conley in to punt, Banks back to return. Fair catch.

6th Drive: Offense:

-Playaction... Paulsen misses his assignment badly. Jamaal Westerman on the sack, almost took Grossman's head off. Skins are now throwing to set up the run it looks like, unsuccessfully.

-Helu gets what he can, but not much.

-Skins 1/6 on 3rd down going into this play: Snap slow to get back to Grossman. Grossman drops back, heaves the ball downfield to... Well, I guess Gaffney, but I'd think a better guess would be the chalk on the field, because it was way off. Again.

-Rocca on to punt. 39 yard punt. 14 yard return by Leonhard.

7th Drive: Defense:

-Drive starting at 'Skins 47. Green gets to the outside, takes too long to cut back or he had a lot more. He gets 8 anyways. Always nice when a mistake still nets you 8.

-Counter play for Greene, 'Skins D closes everything off. Gains 1.

-Jets are 2/7 on third downs going into this play: Connor dives over the top for the first down.

-Sanchez drops back, dropped by Santonio Holmes who was running open. He got hit hard by Josh Wilson who managed to break up the pass with his hit.

-Sanchez finds Keller in the flats for four yards, but Fletcher is there to lay the wood on Keller and limit his gain.

-Jets are 3/8 on third downs going into this play: Bowen on the pressure. Sanchez throws to Keller, incomplete. Coverage by Atogwe and Doughty. Good defensive stand.

-Folk attempting a 51 yard field goal. Easily good. Probably from 5 yards further.

-13-13. 7 plays, 14 yards, 2:59

7th Drive: Offense:

-Banks back to return the kickoff. Banks looked like he found a lane, good vision. He's so light, though, that he got nicked when he made a move and it threw him just enough off balance to get dragged down. Good return of 24 yards.

-Playaction to start the drive... Again. Grossman throws to Moss, problem was he didn't see LB David Harris waiting. Harris drops the pick. Grossman is playing horrendously. 'Skins throwing the ball on first down is going against what worked early.

-Straight downhill run by Helu. Jets think he fumbled, but he was down by contact prior to the ball coming loose according to the official. New York challenges. Helu gets 4.

-Jets offense walking onto field, as is the 'Skins D... Looks like they know the ruling. Jets ball, ruling overturned.

8th Drive: Defense:

-Jets take over on the 'Skins 29 yard line.

-Triple Option with Kerley at QB. They gain 6 yards.

-Outside zone, 'Skins flow well. Greene only gets 1. DL moved well with the play.

-Playaction fake, Rak gets pressure and gets his hands on Sanchez, can't wrap him up. Sanchez gets rid of the football and completes to John Connor. No gain. 4th down.

-Folk comes in to attempt the 40 yard field goal. NO GOOD! WIDE RIGHT!

8th Drive: Offense:

-Helu gains 8 yards. OL looked to get to defenders again. We needed to go back to the run on 1st down badly and we did.

-Trips bunch right, Davis motions to the left, attacks backside backer to seal backside on the run left. Gain of 1.

-Skins 1/7 on thirs down going into this play. Playaction boot, Grossman leaps and throws... no, he doesn't. Not sure what in the HELL that was. Lobs one to a receiver on the sideline. Knocked away by a Jet defender. Again. They're going to pick one of these off if it continues.

-Rocca punts it away, 38 yarder. Fair caught by Leonhard.

9th Drive: Defense:

-Sanchez playaction, looking for Burress. DeAngelo Hall had his hands on the ball, it was in his chest, he drops it.

-Greene on the carry off tackle to the defensive right side. Mustard on the salad (that means a flag is down). Illegal formation on the offense. Receiver covered another receiver. Penalty declined. Greene got 3.

-Jets 3/10 on third downs going into this play: Kevin Barnes comes free and ANNIHILATES Sanchez. Fall start on Keller. Unnecessary Roughness on Barnes for helmet to helmet contact. Put the QBs in freakin' tutus... First down Jets. Load of crap. N[/]o Fun League.

-Pass tipped by Rak there. He didn't get flagged for looking at Sanchez funny? Wow. Shocked.

-Give the ball to Greene on a misdirection. Hall upends him. Flags down. Illegal crackback penalty on Keller. 15 yard penalty on the Jets. Back 'em up. You can't come back and block low.

-2nd and 25 now. Good pressure by Kerrigan. McKnight on the completion. Gain of two.

-3rd and 23, the Kets are 3/10 on third downs going into this play, the last attempt didn't count due to penalty. Timeout #1 Jets. 30 second.

-Good pressure by Rak and Bowen. Screen attempt. Greene falls over another offensive player and the ball bounces off his hands.

-Conley to punt, Banks back to return. Shanahan and Haslett were arguing with a ref there. Banks with a circus return. Tries running to the other side of the field then fumbles. If it wasn't depressing, it would be comical. Banks loses 6 yards.

9th Drive: Offense:

-Helu on the carry. Jets all over it. No gain.

-End of the third quarter. 13-13.

:logo:Fourth Quarter:logo:

9th Drive: Offense (cont'd):

-David Anderson sits down in the zone. Good read there by him and Grossman. Definitely looked like a "read" route where the receiver sits in a zone evacuated by defenders. 13 yard gain. Williams looks dominant in the passing game on the left side. First down.

-Helu gains 13 on a playaction dump off.

-Grossman sets up a screen to Helu, Jets there. Loss of 4. Don't agree with that playcall there.

-Another wobbler of a snap. David Anderson on the reception. Gain of 8. Anderson just gets open. I like him. A lot.

-Skins 1/8 on third downs going into this play. Another wobbler back to Grossman. Grossman delivers a strike. Davis outjumps the defender and comes down with it. WOW. 12 yard gain. First down Redskins.

-Toss right. Helu explodes through an opening, he tries to read Sellers block and accelerates. Gains 5.

-Toss left, Helu committed inside too early there and he got stuffed. Gain of zero.

-Skins 2/9 on third downs going into this play: Quads right. Paulsen motions into the backfield. Paulsen misses ANOTHER block. Grossman throws the ball directly at the ball again after avoiding a sack from Paulsen's man. He's gotta be careful doing that. Jets LB Calvin Pace is down on the field.

-Rocca on to punt. Looking to coffin corner here I'd assume (football jargon for kick the damn ball out of bounds inside the 5). He lofts it up with good hang time down the middle of the field. 29 yard punt. Leonhard fair catches at the 11.

10th Drive: Defense:

-Jets start at their own 11. Green on the carry. Inside zone there. Found the cutback, no 'Skins around. Greene gets 9 easily.

-Playaction pass. Sanchez throws to Keller. Doughty gets his hands on it and drops it.

-Jets 3/11 on third downs going into this play: Sanchez throws underneath, Bowen knocks it down. Great play by Bowen there.

-Conley on to punt, Banks in to return. Banks finds a seam and gets a return, but there's a flag down. Ineligible man down field on the kicking team. 5 yard penalty added to the end of Banks return. The 'Skins will take over at the Jet 31 yard line. Big drive here.

10th Drive: Offense

-On the Jets' 31. 'Skins need points here. 7 is always better than 3. Helu on the run. Couldn't find a running lane. Gets 2.

-Hoping Shanahan doesn't try to run, run, run here just to come away with 3. Toss right to Helu, gain of 1.

-Really hoping he doesn't run the ball again here. My mojo didn't work on that last play. Trips left bunch for the 'Skins. Royster in. Grossman drops back, stares down David Anderson and throws into coverage. The ball is knocked away by the Jets.

-Gano in for a FG attempt. 46 yarder. It's GOOD!

16-13 REDSKINS LEAD! 4 plays, 3 yards, 1:34 on the scoring drive

11th Drive: Defense:

-Baker returns the kick to the Jets 49.

-Sanchez dumps off the pass to Greene for a gain of 8 yards.

-Flag on the Jets, 12 men in the huddle. 5 yard penalty.

-Sanchez fakes the hand off and looks deep. Scrambles and slides. Fletcher hits him mid slide. 3rd and 4. Anyone else on our D would have probably gotten flagged.

-Jets 3/12 on third downs going into this play: Timeout #2 Jets. 30 second

-Sanchez back to throw. Barnes on the pressure again. Great blitz call by Haslett, but Sanchez throws complete to Greene. First down.

-Tomlinson in the wildcat. Direct snap. Tomlinson gets 5 yards. They're at the 'Skins 30.

-Sanchez pump fakes. Holmes runs free after fake. Lobbed up, caught by Holmes. Touchdown Jets.

-20-16 Jets lead. 5 plays, 51 yards, 3:03 on the scoring drive

11th Drive: Offense:

-Banks on the return to the 20.

-Trips left. Good protection. Grossman's pass is deflected. Again. He's killing the team today. Badly.

-Grossman holds the ball too long with good proection. Throws a laser and an open Moss 5 yards down field. Not even close.

-Skins stink on 3rd downs today. Grossman had all day to throw. Held the ball too long. Gets crushed, drops the ball. Aaron Maybin gets the sack/forced fumble. Recovered by the Jets. Turnover machine.

12th Drove: Defense (starting at their own 9, tall task ahead)

-Greene on the carry. Gets nothing. Defense flying to the ball. They aren't quitting on the team.

-Greene on the wildcat direct snap right up the middle. 9 yard gain. Touchdown Jets.

-27-16 Jets. 2 plays, 9 yards, 0:44 on the scoring drive.

12th Drive: Offense:

-Banks tries to make something happen. One Jet ran straight into the lane, got laid out for it, but closed Banks' free lane. Good play by the Jets, good return by Banks.

-Brown beat badly in protection, he hasn't looked very good today. Grossman lets one fly wide. Incomplete.

-Grossman has time. Throws downfield to... No one. Again. I guess Gaffney was within 12 yards.

-Skins 2/12 on third downs going into this play: Another bad snap. Complete to Moss. First down, gain of 11.

-Grossman rolls right, fires a rocket in to Davis. Hits him in the hands and bounces away from him.

-Another wobbly snap. Throws to Moss. Actually a great throw there, ball hits Moss in the hands. Dropped.

-Stallworth on the reception. First down Redskins.

-Timeout #1 Redskins. 30 second.

-Trips left. Grossman pump fakes and throws off his back foot to Fred Davis. 5 yard gain.

-Timeout #2 Redskins. 30 second.

-Incomplete to Stallworth.

-Skins 4/14 on third downs going into this play: Grossman throws to Moss. Tight coverage. Incomplete.

-4th and 5. Gano trying for the 43 yard FG. It's good.

-27-19 Jets Lead. 10 plays, 30 yards, 1:43 on the drive.

Onside kick attempt:

-Recovered by Jets. Almost returned for a touchdown. That was almost as bad as the swinging gate. Penalty against Alexander. Added to the end of the run.




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:logo:Post Game Thoughts and Observations:logo:

Rex Grossman played awful today as his final stat line indicates. 19/46 for 221 yards with a pick and a lost fumble. The quarterback position in general continues to plague us. Mistakes plague this team each and every week. If it isn't the special teams, it's the offense. If it isn't the offense, it's the defense. If it's isn't the defense it's both the special teams and the offense. It's a never ending cycle. The 'Skins never seem to be able to put a complete game together, and the overall result is a 4-8 record. There are guys who play with plenty of heart on this football team. Not the least of which includes both of our inside linebackers, London Fletcher and Perry Riley. In fact, our entire defensive front seemed to play hard. We had trouble getting off the field early in the game, but those problems were seemingly taken care of as the defense clamped down after early troubles until the offensive woes continued.

I'll do a more thorough evaluation later, but for now, KDawg, signing out.

:logo:Redskins Notes from the Press Box Game Notes:logo:

Here are some things to look for straight from the Redskins Press Release:

-Mike Shanahn is looking for his 165th career victory today

-Anthony Armstrong needs 32 receiving yards to surpass 1,000 for his career

-Brandon Banks leads the NFL in kick off returns with 33. He's third in the NFL in return yardage.

-Stephen Bowen and Adam Carriker have both posted career highs in sacks this year. They're looking to add to that.

-Barry Cofield has 6 deflected passes, he leads all DTs in the NFL in that category.

-Fred Davis is 4th in the NFL in receiving yards among tight ends. He's currently at a career high 697 yards.

-London Fletcher leads the NFC in tackles with 107.

-Rex Grossman is attempting to throw for more than 300 yards in consecutive games for the first time in his career.

-Roy Helu leads all rookie RBs in receptions with 38.

-If Helu rushes for 100 yards today he'll be the first 'Skins rookie running back to do so since Reggie Brooks in 1993.

-Kerrigan holds the Redskin rookie record for sacks

-Santana Moss needs 20 receiving yards to tie Bobby Mitchell for fourth most receiving yards in Redskin history.

-Sav Rocca currently is on pace to break the Redskin record for net punting average. He has a 41.2 average, the current record is Matt Turk with 39.2.

-The Skins are one of only two teams in the NFL with four different players having at least 4.5 sacks. Houston is the other.

:logo:Jets/Skins History:logo:

The Redskins lead the regular season series 8-1.The Jets only victory was a 3-0 win at RFK in 1993. The Redskins won the last meeting 23-20 in OT in 2007. Mark Carrier is the Jets current defensive line coach, and other former Redskins who are current Jets include QB Mark Brunell, receiver coach Henry Ellard and Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer.

From the Jets perspective, Neil O'Donnell quarterbacked the best game against the 'Skins in the history of these two teams. O'Donnell was 27/40 for 292 yards. Adrian Murrell was the last Jet to run for 100 yards against the 'Skins, and he accomplished that in 1996. The 'Skins have never allowed a 100-yard Jet receiver or allowed a Jet QB to throw for three TDs.

In 2007, Kellen Clemens quarterbacked the Jets.

Hello. Ill be your guide this weekend as the red hot Washington Redskins take on the New York J-E-T-S.

Ill be updating this regularly in regards to my exploits...

:logo:KDAWG'S EXPLOITS:logo:

1:29 PM Saturday, Rochester International Airport:

Its slow as hell in here... wait... see a place called the "Beer Zone"... annnnnnd I think ill partake in a frosty beverage right along side a fella that looks eerily similar to Santa Claus. Count mein as creeped out...

145 PM, airport:

PCS an Jumbo mock me. I have another frosty beverage. $7 for a 16oz. These are FedEx prices. I'm outraged.

4:14 PM, Maryland:

Window seat, no one next to me... fantastic. On the way to the hotel now and then sinking my teeth into a delicious burger treat from Ray's Hellburger. My first Rays ever. Ill report its excellence after its consumed.

4:59 PM:

Made a not so nice comment about Five Guys. Slateman and Hap are likely to kick me in the shins.

7am, Sunday morning: two big devil Ray's burgers knocked me out. One of the best burgers I've ever had in my entire life. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Twitter (If I remember the password)


:logo:In the Stadium:logo:

10:45 AM: Getting situated in press box, waiting to hear on inactives. Eating a banana. Be jealous. Again.

11:00 AM: Soaking this up. This is quite the experience. Love getting this opportunity. I also have me twitter figured out. Follow me. Or else. I haven't quite figured out the consequences yet, but I'll work on it.

11:20 AM: Revis is warming up on field for the Jets on the side of the field the 'Skins are on. This makes me slightly angry. I also hear his cousin guaranteed a pick-six today. No sir. Not today. No way.

11:45 AM: When the game begins, updates will be directly under the inactives. This was an editorial note brought to you by Murf... Who I'm extremely saddenend by due to his vest no longer having a number. Now I can't get his jersey.

11:46 AM: Darrell Young being inactive is an issue for this offense. Young is an extremely underrated part of what we do on that side of the ball.

12:17 PM: The Redskins last played the Jets week 9 in 2007. The 'Skins won 23-20. Good omen.

12:18 PM: The Redskins have scored just 23 points in the first quarter and 33 points in the third quarter. We have to get off to a better start than that. Coincidentally, our defense has allowed the fewest points in the first and third quarters with 48/40 respectively.

12:53 PM: Jets take the field. More boos than cheers, but there's a LOT of green behind the Jets bench in the stands. Holy cow.

12:57 PM: Sellers is starting for the injured Darrel Young.

1:00 PM: Skins will have one player suspended due to Wellness policy violation, according to FOX NFL Sunday. It's either Davis or Williams, reportedly.

Skins will receive the kick.

1:11 PM: First time the 'Skins have scored on opening drives in consecutive games since 2009.

2:02 PM: Helu had 6 carries for 34 yards, averaging 5.7 YPC in the first quarter. Grossman was 3/5 for 71 yards in the first quarter.'Skins leading tackler was Fletch with 5.

2:17 PM: Skins Davis/Williams will be suspended for four games each according to the NFC East twitter feed.

2:48 PM: Grossman 9/20 for 120 yards in the 1st half. Helu with 11 carries for 63 yards, averaging 5.7 yards per carry and a touchdown. Davis had 7 for 82 yards. Fletcher leads with 9 tackles.

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Get drunk, pop sleep pills, wake up 15 hours later being told your in Kuwait ... That was my first deployment :D

When my wife and I went to New Zealand, I slept the whole way down there except the last couple hours. My wife was mad at me for being able to do it. She asked me how I was able to do that. I told her that after deployments and flying for training, I had had a lot of practice.

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How odd it is that you'd immediately find the "Beer Zone." I see you are a graduate of the "TK School of Interwebz Football Coverage and General Debauchery." :)

Up until Charlotte I didn't believe in the TK School Of General Debauchery.

---------- Post added December-3rd-2011 at 04:46 PM ----------

Five Guys or go home

The only Burger worth the time

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Can always go to 5 guys. Hell they've got them all over the place these days. Good idea to hit a local place while you're there. Now have another cold one Kdawg,(I usually have a couple before and after flying. ;) ).

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Settled in the press box. Follow me on twitter @KoSh9984.

Feel free to post questions, comments or concerns.

If you have anything you'd like asked to the players post game, post here as well. And keep this thread active!

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Young's absence bothers me. It will be interesting to try to observe how this might affect play-calling.

---------- Post added December-4th-2011 at 09:04 AM ----------

Kdawg, I don't twit, but I do have someone following you---just not online, and they have a camera.

---------- Post added December-4th-2011 at 09:05 AM ----------

Austin hasn't taken advantage of his opportunities and now Paul gets a shot.... Love the competition.

I really want to see what Paul can do playing deep (if doable) into a game.

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How odd it is that you'd immediately find the "Beer Zone." I see you are a graduate of the "TK School of Interwebz Football Coverage and General Debauchery." :)

I resemble that remark, sir!

He's my #1 student.

But he'd graduate with honors if he'd go to Sunshine for THE best burger. EVER.

He did gain extra credit for admitting that Five Guys blows.

Wait. Not like that. :paranoid:

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Kdawg, I don't twit, but I do have someone following you---just not online, and they have a camera.

Murf isn't hiding very well. He's in plain sight. But good try. I can give you an autograph whenever you want though, Jumbo. You know I'm there for you. I'm a man of the people.

PS: Updated OP with some game notes and things to look for from the 'Skins media information.

Interesting note: The Redskins last played the Jets in 2007... It was a 'Skins 23-20 win.

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You know I will trade the autograph for a pint of Black Hook. :)

And I'm getting jealous of all these burger chains always tlaked about in every forum on ES that are not represented out here in Bigfoot Country. :(

Outside of a couple independent old-school places, scattered here and there, the closet thing to an ultra-burger chain in the PacNW is effin Red Robin. :mad:

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