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Hey everyone,

I have a 2 passes to the Gray lot with my season tix and noticed that this year its also been a cash lot. Does anyone know if thats been to every game (I have not really been paying attention since I already have a pass). Reason is, I have a huge group this week vs NYJ and I want everyone to tailgaite together, and we only have 2 passes. If its cash, then we can just tell them to park there and not worry about needing a gray pass, if its not cash then we need to start searching craigslist for a couple more gray passes. Thanks everyone. HTTR!

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I have Grey parking. They have two entrance lines going into the lot. One is for cash and one is for people with passes.

Basically, Grey passes are now the discounted priced parking for the cash lot. Game day cost is $40. STH's pay $35 with their season ticket invoice.

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