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Off-season Roster Turnover

Harwich Hog

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I was just looking at our current roster (including those players on IR that'll be back next year). I count 45 that I genuinely would not mind back next year.

Now obviously this will vary from player to player and i'm sure Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan will think differently about certain players - but I don't ever remember feeling so good about a roster in a long time. Let alone a roster that is 4-7 going into December...

Retained players (excuse the long list - felt I needed to give the thread some context).

Quarterbacks - Rex Grossman (will be a free agent heading into 2012 but I think there's good reason to bring him back whether it is to start a few games in lieu of the guy we draft being ready, or as a great backup.

Running backs - Roy Helu, Evan Royster, Tim Hightower, Darrel Young, Mike Sellers (his contribution on offence has been really minimal but he still plays a major part in special teams).

Wide receivers - Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin (like Sellers, his contribution on special teams makes him valuable enough to keep him around), Brandon Banks, Jabar Gaffney, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson, Niles Paul.

Tight-ends - Fred Davis, Chris Cooley, Logan Paulsen.

Offensive linemen - Chris Chester (hasn't been spectacular but definitely worth keeping around), Maurice Hurt, Sean Locklear (has actually instilled a bit of confidence when he spelled both Williams and Brown), Will Montgomery (good to keep versatile players around), Trent Williams, Kory Lichtensteiger (hopefully he will recover from the ACL/MCL).

Defensive linemen - Stephen Bowen, Adam Carricker (I think re-signing him should be a big priority), Barry Cofield, Chris Neild, Jarvis Jenkins, Kedric Golston.

Linebackers - Lorenzo Alexander, London Fletcher, Keyaron Fox, Rob Jackson, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Perry Riley, Markus White (be interesting to see what he offers when he gets his shot).

Defensive backs - Oshiomogho Atogwe, Kevin Barnes, Reed Doughty, Dejon Gomes, DeAngelo Hall, Laron Landry (I don't know whether he will get a new contract this summer but I think we'll keep for another season at least and hope he stays healthy), Brandyn Thompson (like White, be interesting to see what he offers when he gets his shot), Byron Westbrook (core special teamer and play-making dimeback when called upon), Josh Wilson.

Special Teams - Sav Rocca, Nick Sundberg.

Notable guys I haven't included - John Beck (I don't think there will be room for him on the roster assuming we draft a guy high in the first round), Ryan Torain, Jammal Brown (I have a feeling we'll cut our losses and he'll get dumped this off-season), Rocky McIntosh, Graham Gano.

Obviously we'll bring in guys for training camp that might out-perform some of these guys - but that's good. It's just nice not to have such a large enforced roster turnover every off-season. Great for continuity too. And testament to the good job put in by Bruce and Mike. It takes the pressure off having to reach for free-agents and means, if we need to, we can package together some draft picks if we need that special player.

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I agree with you for the most part. However, I would cut Sellers. With Young assuming the starting job, is basically the writing on the wall that he's done here. Plus we really don't need him on the roster.

Armstrong and Austin are bubble guys IMO. They are ok on Teams, but we don't need 2 WRs who are mostly productive on Teams. We need productive WRs on offense. If i where the FO i would let 1 or both of them go, and draft another WR. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind having the other WRs back next year, including Moss.

Cooley has been great over his career, but like Sellers, his time is done here IMO. Even if healthy, he's not the player he used to be. But like i said "IF" healthy. He hasn't been able to stay on the field, we have our budding star in Freddie, plus a viable back up in Paulsen. No use for him going forward.

Golston i would let go. Let me say that i really like the guy. Has always been a high character, hard working player, but i never felt that he was a good fit in this defense. He has played better in the weeks leading up to his injury, but what i would do is cut Golston, and make Cofield a rotational DE/(NT.. on 3rd down), and try to acquire a true NT via FA or the draft.

I'm pretty much pleased with our LB corp outside of Rocky (who is likely gone anyways). However, i think we need to draft an MLB to eventually take over for Fletch. I would still bring Fletch back next season. However, we need to groom his eventual replacement... Perhaps Riley is the guy, who knows? But i think going into the offseason, that will be a position of need for the future...

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Nice job. I think you've got things pretty accurate. You've got Kevin Barnes listed twice, but otherwise great.

I'm really disappointed with Torain. I didn't think he'd be with us long, but I had hoped he'd at least do decently enough to make himself trade-bait.

As for feeling good about the roster despite our record, I feel the same way, and it has to do with our solid defense, and the fact that the weapons on offense are pretty good. Biggest problems are QB and O-line, and well, there's a few dozen threads on that floating around atm. It also helps that pretty much all our 2011 draft picks are still around in some form or another.

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True. I guess when I started the threaded it evolved right my point about how it would affect the free agent and draft approach next year so I thought it differed in that sense. I guess the finished product is similar.

Feel free to close it down if you wish mods.

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