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Redskins / Jets Prediction - Dream - Nightmare - Dogfight

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Well, week 13 is upon us, and as last week went, this game looks to be a game much closer than some nay-sayers predict.

The Jets have been struggling somewhat, not really sure if they want to make a run or not, inconsistant qb performances, the once unconquerable secondary showing signs of weakness, and a HC who may not be able to fit through the locker room door, while the Redskins come off a good hard-fought battle in Seattle [ damn I forgot to use that line last week ] and snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat, and feeling good about Helu, who did a pretty good job.

Look, this game is not out of the reach of being a winnable game, and it may depend on which Jets team shows up to FedEx Field on sunday, but I see/hope a Redskins defense ready to show them that they will have their hands full the entire game; and if Rex will play a smart game and not throw it up for grabs or try to force the ball into an impossible place, it could come down to Gano, and he could be the hero or the goat.

My guess is he'll be the hero...

Redskins -- 19

Jets 16

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anyone else get annoyed at the "crazy" or unrealistic predictions poeple make in these threads? I don't know, maybe it is just me. :confused:

anyways ...

I could see our Rex having an epically BAD game this Sunday. With all the "exotic" looks the Jets give I think he will flat out be stifled. If you notice, if he has to hold on to the ball one more second than necessary, HE IS DONE. He has no ability to look off and move around, buy time, and find another receiver, and, and, make a smart throw.

The Jets are gonna confuse the hell out of him.

Despite this, I think our D keeps it close. :(

Jets - 17

Skins - 13

Only way we win is if we get a Specials, or Defensive touchdown.

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