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TMZ: Patrice O'neal Dead at 41


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Probably the diabetes, although no one knows for sure

I'm a huge Opie and Anthony homer so Patrice's passing hurts because he came into that studio and he made that show a thousand times funnier. He was absolutely hilarious every time he came in. Just ranting about a ton of inappropriate material and dropping epithets like crazy. He was hilarious. He was a damn funny guy. He will be missed.

The show isn't the same without him

And Patrice was not only O&A, but he also appeared in Chappelle's Show and Arrested Development. PIT BULL

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Great tribute to him on O&A today

Bunch of comics just coming in and talking about him and reminiscing

I really wish I still had XM. Only for today. I am sure that some videos will be posted, but I was thinking about signing up for the online service again just so I could listen today.

I became a huge fan of Patrice through O&A and then through Tough Crowd. He was one of the best and will truly be missed. RIP big guy.

It's been a tough 14 months or so with Giraldo and now Patrice.

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