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Official ES WR Discussion - Episode 11: Return of Santana

Enter Apotheosis

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Santana Moss is back, the fake WR reverse is actually effective, Rex Grossman catches a pass from himself, pandemonium in the streets, cats and dogs living together!

What else is there to say? Our wide receivers really haven't had a ton of looks and took a back seat to Davis, Helu, and even Young in the early going. That said, Rex seems far more comfortable with Moss and Gaffney both on the field. They're safe targets, they've run good routes (aside from Gaffney just barely stepping on the line in the end zone), and the blocking on the edge has seemed solid when Helu has bounced it to the outside. The Seahawks' mostly 6'2"+ secondary has posed problems when the throws haven't been placed well but there's no way you can fault Gaffney for the pick or the failed fade in the end zone.

It's a real shame we can't have Moss, Gaffney, Hankerson, and Paul all involved at once this season.


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