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Official ES OL Conversation Thread - Redskins vs. Seagulls (Hold your ground!)


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First drive random notes:

-Logan Paulsen whiffs on stretch left, LB makes play.

-Solid pass protection on first drive, Grossman has a lot of time. Impressive kick step from Jamaal Brown early on.

-Montgomery played a bit high early, getting driven into the running lane on a successful stretch play. He got beaten , but maintained just enough control to keep his man off the back. Montgomery also gave up a lot of ground on a couple pass plays, but didn’t allow penetration.

Full review of first drive:

The Redskins front allowed some penetration, but they did a great job in keeping Grossman relatively untouched anyways. They didn’t get much of a push in the running game, but Helu did a great job in finding the natural seam and got something out of it. The biggest thing I noticed was the OL’s insistence on remaining with the play. What I mean by that is that even if they got beat initially, whether via bull rush or the DL getting a quicker first step, they stayed with their assignment and created opportunities for the offense. When the OL plays well, the offense moves the ball. I think its evident that the OL is an extremely important aspect of the team, and with better pieces we’d be more effective.

Second drive random notes:

-First play of second drive, the OL did a good job protecting Grossman. Allowed the pocket to form very nicely on a nice playaction pass to Darrell Young (who, OT, is becoming one of our best weapons.)

-On an inside run, the line got to the second level and maintained their blocks. Particularly Jamaal Brown who was beaten and still maintained his block. Helu had nothing but room to run.

-On the next play, Jamaal Brown got sloppy in his pass pro steps and over stepped, putting himself off balance and he became vulnerable to the inside move. The play didn’t hurt the team, but its something that stood out.

-On an inside stunt, the ‘Skins line failed to adjust. Jamaal Brown tried to pass his man off to the interior linemen, but he wound up untouched to the QB. Turned out to be a screen play so it worked out well for us. Not sure what happened with the interior linemen, but Brown made the right move in passing off the end who stunted to the A/B gap.

Full Review of second drive:

One of the biggest weaknesses of this offensive line is they don’t get much of a push. They aren’t strong at the POA. Where our OL does a better job is sticking with their assignments. That allows us to open run lanes, and in a zone scheme, technically that’s all you need. On pass plays, though, our OL doesn’t do a great job punching their man off. They form the pocket very well, but they give up a lot of ground. On the 3rd and 18 play at the end of the drive, Brown allowed a blitzer to blow him back nearly into Grossman. Grossman managed to get rid of the ball.

Brown is very noticeable in this game. I’m watching the entire line, but he stands out every play… Whether good or bad. He doesn’t blend in very well.

Third drive random notes:

-That was quick

Full Review of third drive:

Uhh… Pick.

Fourth Drive Random Notes:

-Trent Williams did a great job not only maintaining his block on one run play, but he drove his man down field. He sat low in his power zone and drove..

-Jamaal Brown on the next play, which was a run, got driven backwards. He got in the way of the defender making the play, but it was disconcerting.

Full Review of Fourth Drive:

The OL did a decent job on this drive. When Seattle sent the house, they actually picked it up quite well. This is the best I’ve seen the OL play pretty much all season long.

Fifth Drive Random Notes: (50 seconds left in half, ball downed inside the ‘Skins 5):

-good push on the QB sneak by Grossman. The OL got a really good push and it allowed the ‘Skins to get a little bit of breathing room.

Full Review of Fifth Drive:

-We took knees.

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Nice breakdown KD.

Overall I felt the line did pretty well all day in pass protection. There were some breakdowns and Rex took some shots but overall he had time and his feet were clean so he could deliver the ball. The running game was better than it has been - not least becuase for most of the game it was close so we were able to stick with it. However there are still to many times for me that individual players are getting beaten physically especially on the right side.

I just get the sense that we are not very physical up front - Trent Williams excepted. Take our goaline offense I never have a feeling we are going to be able to run power when we get inside the 5. This IMO is partly a function of us running the stretch as our base running game with the emphasis on linemen who can move laterally as opposed to the road grader type and partly that we just need to find better players notably at RT IMO.

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What does everyone think of Forester as OL coach? I think there were major questions coming in and there was disappointment we didn't sign a ZBS pedigree guy like Cable or Soliari. But I think he's been decent, not great, and he's at least developed solid "depth" pieces from relatively unheralded prospects.

I think he has done a decent job. In the end it comes down to talent and right now I would say we have two players - Williams and Monty (who I think has been very good at C) who are better than average NFL starter level. Lich was playing well before he went down but is not a better than average starter, Brown has lost something and is a replacement level RT and Chester has been decent but not better IMO.

We need to bring in a couple of good starting level players - RT and G - and that would make a huge difference to this offense IMO if you changed nothing else. Add in an upgrade at QB and another legit weapon at WR and this would be a very very good offense - the system is excellent.

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