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Redskins / Seasquawks Prediction * Actually a Good Game!

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Well, the Redskins travel waaaaay out to the other "neverland" to take on an almost equally struggling team in the Seahawks.

It has been a disappointing season for the Skins, after starting out like gangbusters, they've struggled offensively in points, while the defense is still playing with a meaning.

Believe it or not, this is a game for the Skins to take! Really! I'm not intoxicated...yet, but I do believe the defense will have a good showing and the offense will do enough to put it away in the 4th.

Redskins -- 30

Seahawks-- 13

*BTW, if there's anyone who collects cards, I have a couple to offer free, just p.m. me.

Ken Houston1979 topps 350

Mark Moseley 1979 topps 133

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cards in pretty good condition, ungraded, not bent

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What's that 30 doing next to the Redskins?

Rex will need to have one of his good games this week. We'll struggle to run the ball and I am concerned that an offense which has shown a propensity to shoot itself in the foot will make more mistakes than usual in this environment. Seahawks' offensive line has been playing well. They will likely win in a close, low scoring game.

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i hope they lose! i'm pretty much on the bandwagon to tank the whole season. it's pretty obvious that this is what this team is doing. why win? if the season would end, we would either have the 7-10th pick of the draft which isn't worth crap. this team needs to lose the remaining games to get at least picks 2-4.

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I don't see us winning this one. Seattle's tough at home. Their defense is underrated. We won't run on them. We might have a shot with Moss returning. Rex & Moss might open up the run game for Helu and Torain. We hang in there, but Seattle takes this one I believe and we're that much closer to getting our QB.

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