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Hi to all my hogs in America! :helmet:

WOW! That Dallas game was amazing! Obviously we're all upset we lost.

But..... I wouldn't give a damn about going 0-16 with a performance like that every game! It was nearly 10 o' Clock at night here when the game ended!

I thought the team were superb! I also thought Rex shut up a lot of dissent from around the NFL. Rex is a good QB. I said it here weeks ago, and I say it now. No. He isn't Michael Vick or a Brett Favre - but give the man time and he can produce. I thought Rex played his best game this year.

And BBB [brandon Banks, Baby!] also had a smart game! As did the Defence [Defense! Sorry!] and the whole team in general. Shame GG didnt get that field goal... would have clinched it in regulation. But it's hard to criticize the new Redskins record holder with a 59 yarder!

GREAT GAME! Much to be proud of and much to build upon.


But we all know that!


Warm Regards,

to all in America,


By the way...:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck

Just in case I forgot!

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How does he always manage to stay so upbeat every time he posts?


:ols: I don't know, I was pretty much the same after we lost to Dallas. It actually looked like the Skins were playing FOOTBALL, compared to whatever they were doing the last 2 months. It was nice to see that they haven't forgotten which sport they're paid to play.

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Moral victories...

Championships for losers.

Well, I'll take the moral victory over getting your *** handed to you outright. It was nice to see the team play offense well, since it's only been the 2nd or 3rd time this season we've seen that the offense CAN actually work.

We lost, so we're losers no matter how you look at it, but at least some of us can feel more positive about the loss I suppose.

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We always almost beat the Cowboys. With the exception of Gibbs' second tenure here we've almost beat the Cowboys and failed for over a decade. The Redskins may someday be a new team with a new attitude and all ... but not because of the Cowboy game. We were just following the script on Sunday.

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