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T'shard Choice who?

smackdown 46

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What's with waiving Choice?

Was he just espionage for the Cowturd game or is Evan Royster able to do something he wasn't able to before?

As bad as I hate getting scraps from the Turds this guy looked to have some potential. He must have pooped in someones coffee to only last one week.......funny!

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Choice has a nagging hammy, plus he's 27.

Maybe he was brought in for intel, who knows. I'm just glad Royster is going to get some time.

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Let me save you the time TK.

Hi there.:)

It's now "boots to asses"

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Dont know all about Royster besides being a Penn State record buster.

Word out of camp was he needed to polish his blocking techniques and he could be a backup maybe sooner now rather than later.

I sure hope he is a keeper, I like the youth on this team that Bruce Allen is acquiring.

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I'm really glad he stuck it to the Cowboys sideline after his first carry.

That was almost as awesome as Darryl Grant's INT in the '82 NFCCG.

The Boys fans are really crying the blues for the lapse in judgement in letting him go.

OBTW, Tashard's name makes me think of standing in line for the porto potties, contemplating which outhouse to sit down in regardless of which one becomes available first.

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My repeated policy here on ES to signing any ex-Cowboys whatsoever is NO. NEVER. It never pays off. He stunk it up against his old team and I knew he would. I also knew Shanny was only signing him for that game in hopes that Choice's desire for "revenge" would prove effective. Of course it didn't.

No more ex-Cowboys ever. Ever. Ever.

Snyder will never learn. Ever.

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Technically, he was here for about 3 weeks. But could the NFL look into stuff like this? Just WAY to obviouse to sign a backup from a team that you will be playing against soon.Play them, release said player a couple days later.

It's a practice as old as sports, and there's no foul involved.

If the Cowboys did not want to risk a rival claiming him and him telling their secrets, then they should not have released him mid-season.

They gambled, we gambled, and they won in OT.


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