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Picking Jacobs


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Chris Kelsay was still very much available. I was hoping we'd take him, but Jacobs still seems like a logical pick.

McCants has clearly stepped up as the 3rd receiver. Jacobs may have a chance at #4 next week, but Johnson stepped up as well.

I still think we should give Jacobs a chance. He's been injured, which isn't his fault. It's anybody's guess whether he'd be making the same plays as McCants is if he wasn't hurt.

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we could have used a DL in round 2 or a safety.

the upside for Jacobs according to the Redskins is equal to that of a top 15 pick in the draft.

we are going to have to watch this closely, but if true Jacobs would be worth his weight in gold.

remember that with the money we have paid Coles it may not be possible to give Gardner a new contract he likes.

it may very well be that like Betts last year (for Davis) Jacobs may be the next #2 receiver on the Redskins and a good insurance policy in case someone gets hurt this season.

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Last year around this time a lot of people were questioning the Ladell Betts pick, I don't hear anyone grumbling about it now.

Point is you've got to give him time to pan out. He hasn't even stepped on the field yet.

Could the Redskins have gone after a pass rusher? Sure, but when someone like Jacobs slips all the way down to #44 snatching him up is a no-brainer.

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