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Cobblestones: Going Gonzo for Jim Henson


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Last year, I had a thought about starting my own radio show and decided to throw the dice. Everything is always harder and longer than you expect to be, but the journey is always important even when the gnats sting, the briars tear, and your foot sore.

We created three pilots. I say we because with a not for profit, I was able to raise some of the funds to create these shows. Several of my dear friends from Extremeskins helped. Some of my adversaries, who are also my friends, helped as well.

The first of those pilots is airing in New England and Upper New York next Friday. It is a wonderful trip with some of the original performers, writers, builders, and people behind the Muppets. We spoke with Jane Henson, Dave Goelz (Gonzo and many others) Rollie Krewson, Bonnie Erickson, Jim Lewis and others.

More, the Henson writers and I co-wrote skits which I got to act in with Goelz and Krewson. It was geek heaven and an amazing journey into my childhood and the craft and genius of Jim Henson. I didn't know the movie was coming out when I started. That was a happy coincidence, but it was a wonderful one.

This has been a crazy twisting cobblestone road and I thank all of you who have strolled it with me.


Your friend,


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