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blue tooth problems


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Wonder if anyone else has experienced this or has any ideas. My cell phone blue tooth connection suddenly stopped working. For over a year now, every time I turned on my car it would happily connect and I could call or receive calls easily. Then, for some reason on Friday (it could have happened before this, but that's when I noticed it) the car would no longer connect with the cell phone. I tried erasing and repairing, but they won't even talk to each other. I can't pair it.

At the dealer, they were able to connect it with one of the salesmen's phones, but I still can't. I went over to Verizon and they don't think it's the phone or suggested that sometimes certain phones have compatability issues, but why would that spring up after more than a year of working perfectly?

Anyway, was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or ideas. I may upgrade the phone, but that'd be a drag as I am content with the one I have and if it is a compatability issue I don't know which phones work well with the car's software.

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