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UFC Sues New York State To Lift Ban On Mixed Martial Arts.


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“The sport was a victim of its own early hype,” said Barry Friedman, a lawyer for the U.F.C. and a law professor at New York University. But the U.F.C. now is not the U.F.C. then and M.M.A. now is not M.M.A. then.” The U.F.C. just began a seven-year, $700 million deal with Fox Sports.

This is a great quote from the article because it's very true. The original owners of the UFC (pre Zuffa) did market the early UFCs as such by using words like "shocking," "unedited/uncensored," for"Mature Audiences-Violent Material" etc. in an attempt to get attention.

Those events and what's shown now are two completely different things. The early events weren't sanctioned by athletic commissions, they had no weight classes, little rules, etc. The current state of MMA is very much a sport compared to the old-school UFC cards. And IMO, if NY is going to allow boxing and martial arts events & wrestling/grappling tournaments (all of which they do) it's silly not to allow MMA too and there's a lot of money to be made for the state when they change their stance on it.

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