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Cheer up! You lost, but Ramsey, Coles, Betts, and even Canidate served notice to the rest of the league, and particularly to the NFL East, that they better play the full 60 minutes if they want to have a chance against the Redskins. Some people may not have given you credit before, but they will now. Overcoming two double digit deficits in two consecutive games is the mark of a formidable team.

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what makes the Redskins dangerous is the ground they have left for improvement while they have shown themselves to be competitive :)

Ramsey is by the stats ahead of schedule. Even though he has not been consistent quarter to quarter, his end of game stat lines have to be raising some eyebrows.

5 NFL starts before 2003 and yet he has 356 and 348 in consecutive games? :)

come on, did anybody expect those numbers out of the box or his ability to play well in the clutch, in the fourth quarter of games?

that is one thing a player either has or he doesn't. and draft position doesn't necessarily buy it for a quarterback.

The Giants are a good team, better than they showed today.

Strahan was limited and Hamilton missed the game entirely.

These guys usually bedevil the Redskins.

BUT, the Redskins again are not the same team they will be in November and December.

And that's our little secret :)

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