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Positives and Negatives


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Stupid penalties

special teams (tipped fg kick)

tackling... or lack there of

no pressure by the front four

dropped passes


Ramsey, Coles, Betts play

OL blocking better each week

Hall pressure kicker

McCants great hands

Patrick Johnson making plays, all free agents contributing

run defense

comeback ability

play calling

hot cheerleaders

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I don't think this team is gonna quit ever this year. We've been behind, and come back from it. That may say more to getting rid of Norvitis than any other possible action.

We may have just became a team of overachievers.

Now, all we have to do is become smart overachievers.

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Our 3rd and 4th wideouts produced HUGE today. Our TE situation sucks. Answer: do NOT throw to Royal, wait until Flem is back, until then, use 4 wideouts.

I liked the O-line play, Arrington was all over, Coles is amazing, Ramsey IS our quarterback, our RB stable is pretty good...above all, this team has a tremendous amount of spirit, heart, chtutzpah, whatever...they got it.

The only two thing that, I think, kill us, are: Lack of pressure on opposing QBs and stupid mental mistakes (IE: Penalties).

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