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Sitting here brokenhearted:The irony of this game

SlinginSammy HOF '63

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It's good to see we never quit and we have a tough "never say die" QB, but it was also like having my heart ripped out seeing a dramatic comeback only to lose it in OT. I'm optimistic though that we can look back at this game and see that our team made the right move drafting Ramsey. He has the toughness and heart like a young Brett Favre. Hopefully we can take this as a learning experience and grow from it. Hopefully everyone else on the offense, with the exception of Ramsey and Coles will get their head out of their butts.

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9 dropped passes all together, just a note.

You know what? I'm glad we lost. We had won games with this team commiting way too may penalties, mistakes, etc.

If we played sound football, we would be absolutely AMAZING. We have the push..we just need to play more disciplined.

This may be what we needed! A friggin' wake-up call!

We'll see how we rebound from this against the Patriots, who were really close to blowing it today against the Jets.

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