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Penalties and Pressure!


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I just got home from watching the game and haven't even looked at the threads, so forgive me if this has been done to death.

We will NOT make the playoffs, much less win a SuperBowl if we do not find a way to do TWO things.

#1 Put pressure on the QB. We MUST find a way to at least hurry a throw of two...we don't need sacks, but a few hurries and knockdowns would do a lot. Did Collins jersey even get dirty? If it did, I'm sure it's because he tripped over something on the sidelines.

#2 Penalties. If it were not for the unsportsmanlike conduct on Trotter or the the holding penalty on the Gardner TD, this game is over. 17 penalties? SEVENTEEN?! The fact that we even TIED this game should give us hope. Penalties killed us, even more than lack of pressure...this has GOT to stop.

That being said, the Skins again showed tremendous heart in the 2nd half, it's a shame that it takes...BEING DOWN BY 17 POINTS for it to happen. Next week is New England, and after what they showed vs. the Jets, I see no reason why the Skins can't come away victorious....but ONLY if they, at the very least, solve their stupid penalty problem.

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