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Schefter : Davis and Williams test positive during offseason


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Schefter via twitter : "Two players involved in Yahoo report Saturday about 11 players facing discipline for testing positive are TE Fred Davis, OT Trent Williams."


"Ten players are facing fines from the league for violating the substance abuse policy by testing positive for recreational drugs, according to two player representatives and another source familiar with the situation. An 11th player, who had previously violated the league’s policy, is subject to both a fine and suspension."

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Got beat on the post, need a merge. :)

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Oh good, its just "recreational drugs". I thought they got busted for steroids but sounds like they just smoke weed. Who cares.

Yeah, that's why I threw in the link to the Yahoo story and quoted it....probably smoked weed and got tested earlier than they expected...don't see it being an issue.

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