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Via Adam Schefter Twitter: Fred Davis, Trent Williams among 11 players facing discipline for testing positive


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Adam Schefter

Two players involved in Yahoo report Saturday about 11 players facing discipline for testing positive are TE Fred Davis, OT Trent Williams.

Wonderful, just what this team needs...

Update: Recreational drugs, not performance enhancing.


Ten players are facing fines from the league for violating the substance abuse policy by testing positive for recreational drugs, according to two player representatives and another source familiar with the situation. An 11th player, who had previously violated the league’s policy, is subject to both a fine and suspension.
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I love how some of you are dismissing this just because it's weed.

It may seem harmless but it's still an illegal substance in this country. They broke the law.

Yet if they tested positive for alcohol it'd be okay under the law. I'd rather have them smoking pot than getting drunk.
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Please don't mistake what I am about to say as some sort of excuse for Fred and Trent. Anyone who knows most post history knows that I don't cut any slack for dumbasses professional athletes who do drugs, even "recreationally." However, this should once again show the players and the fans how pathetic D. Smith is and how this whole lockout fiasco went on much longer than it had to because he had to make it about him. He totally and completely lied and mislead the players by telling them that they would have a testing cushion after the lockout ended. Now, it is being reported that he never even negotiated anything about it. He is a lying piece of ****, and I hope that every fan on this board that supported him and his lies about the league and the owners is starting to wake up and get it.

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