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CBS, TMZ.com: Conrad Murray found guilty of Manslaughter.


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Just heard it on the news will find link



Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

We're live outside the L.A. County courthouse where members of the Jackson family are expected to speak shortly.

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The TMZ feed is on live right now and nothing is happening but they are showing idiots dancing like Micheal, pretty funny really and sad.

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I agree and I feel thats why his sentence shouldnt have been so bad but whatever.
Dang, that was one of the best usage of an analogy I ever heard. It makes perfect sense in this situation.

Yeah somebody was going to get stuck with his death considering his abuses of drugs meant for other uses. I think Dr. Murray was desperate for money and took the job sort of knowing what was going on.

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"Sort of knowing" all the while buying gallons of the drug of choice by the addict. He's lucky he wasn't charged and convicted of more egregious crimes with longer jail time.

I can agree with this too. It is the doctor's responsibility to do what's best for the patient.

But when your patient is Michael Jackson...........

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Murray was paid huge bucks for his complicity. However, the patient died. Oops! And now he has to pay the relatively low price considering what he did. I have no sympathy for him. I suppose MJ could have gotten another doctor to go along with his wishes, but it was Murray who chose to violate his oath and the law.

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Out in less than 2 years and will have to find a new way to make a living.

My guess is a book and docudrama, then perhaps disappearing into the crowd.

He will make money to pay the civil suit which the Jackson Family is asking for 100 Mil. Then his life will be basically over.

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