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advice for my first visit to FedEx field

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Hi all,

A few friends and I are going to be at the Maryland vs. Notre Dame game at FedEx field on Saturday and I just had a few questions that I was hoping some of you could help me out with. I saw the big thread put up by Mark the Homer and it was great, but I couldn't find the answers to some of the other questions I had. First of all, let me just tell you that this is our first visit to FedEx field and we are driving across a couple of states in an RV to get there.

1. When we received the tickets, they were accompanied by a letter saying that the parking lots don't open until 4 hours before kickoff. I called FedEx field and they confirmed that we can only enter the parking lots at 3:30pm. Does that mean that no one tail gates more than 4 hours before kickoff?

2. If that is true, are there any other lots around the stadium where we could go earlier than that where there is tailgating allowed? It would have to be within walking distance.

Thanks for your help!

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1. First, if you're driving an RV, you need an RV pass, and you need to park in the RV lot. You can normally buy an RV pass on game day for cash just before you enter, but this is a college game, and maybe things are done differently. Second, they normally let RVs in early. But again, this is a college game. But if you do have to wait in line like everybody else, you can pre-tailgate while you wait. See the fedexfield thread for more info.

2. You might choose to park in what used to be the copper lot. Pay cash. They open early. But again, this a college game. No guarantees. See the fedexfield thread.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for the quick response. I spoke to the FedEx field people and they said that no lots will be open early.

One other question. Do you know of any parking lots near the stadium that we could park the RV at overnight?

It is policy to claim the no lots open early. But the truth is, they will let RVs into the RV lot early because they are too big and take up too much room in line. But that's Redskins games. I can't speak for college games, concerts, etc.

Supposedly you can park overnight at FedExField. It's not policy, but I've been told by the ticket office that they will look the other way in the interest of keeping intoxicated drivers off the road.

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