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D.C Sports Bog (Dan Steinberg): D Hall on Redskins Offense...


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just shut up deangelo and stop worrying about other positions on the team and worry about the obvious lack of talent that you possess at your own position. Learn to cover someone before you open your mouth. Play half as well as you talk and you would be the best corner in the league

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haha "I'm getting 80 opportunities to make a play"

..he's barely joking

---------- Post added November-8th-2011 at 09:27 PM ----------

Also, I'd like to hear directly from Gaffney. Remember not only did Santana support Rex, but Gaffney was Rex's teammate in Florida and I'm sure prefers him. Can you IMAGINE, FINALLY getting free down field (quickly), you look back, you see your QB was given the time to make the throw and you see him throwing to Helu...again. He wasn't hiding it, he was so so mad. When he caught the TD finally, he looked like he wanted to throw it right back in Becks face lol.

Shanny can piss off fans and media all he wants, but just a couple months ago we were talking about how much EVERYONE on the team is 'buying in' especially after the drama last year. There's no question the receivers have sold their stock on Beck, the question is how much they still have in Shanny...unless of course there's another reason Rex can't play.

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