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Why is everyone forgetting about the D?


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Originally posted by bubba9497

Not one "expert" says the Skins can win because of Defense!

I hear Buffalo's D is better, KC's D is better, they can win it all... blah blah blah

yet the Skins D was #5 last year.... #2 this season, yet no one mentions the defense.


Because Spurrier is not known as a defensive coach. Eyes are still on his offense, everyone wants to analyze that.

I think it's good that the skins are getting some positive press, but I don't think that we as fans or the team as players should get all caught up in it.

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The Falcons scored when our D was in a bad position. Even after we closed the gap 17-14 the special teams gave up a big return which got the Falcons at around the Redskins 37 yard line. The last touchdown was scored on a rookie who I am still wondering why was even in the game at that crucial point. My only problem with the D is they tend to give up long drives. Although they do stiffen up in the red zone and hold opponents to a field goal. They need more 3 and outs in my mind.


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