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How do you see the 2nd half of the season playing out in the NFC East?


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It's been a pretty ho hum year so far for the NFC East. I thought the division would be much stronger but it's full of teams with inherent fatal flaws. What about the 2nd half of the season?

Skins: I actually expect them to surprise and improve. Truth be told, if they could get an OL play, the offense and skill players would be good enough to put enough points on the board for their defense to win games. I don't expect the Skins to challenge for the division or even the WC but 7-8 wins isn't out of the question.

Cowboys: The Boys have a pretty easy schedule coming up and I see a period where they fool the national media into believing they are a very good team before losing towards the end of the year and missing the playoff.

Eagles: Maddeningly inconsistant. Number 1 offense in the NFL, number 11 defense, worst fundamental team in terms of penalties and turnovers. Can they fix it? I don't exactly buy the notion that the shortened offseason took it's toll and now they are ready to run roughshod over the league and take the East. I do expect the next 5 games to tell a tale. They could easily win 5 straight and take the lead in the East or go 2-3 if Bad Vick and turnover prone offense continues. Defense looks to have turned a corner and will probably be solid for the rest of the year.

Giants: You have to give Eli Manning credit. He looks like a top 8 QB this year. Can this continue with the continued injuries to his offensive skill players? Not sure. They raced out to the division lead, but unfortunately, have played the worst out of conference teams that the rest of the East still has to play. In the end, I still think it's their division to lose. If they have a bad second half, no one will look at their tough schedule and many injuries....the story line will be about how they collapsed in the second half....yet again.

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The Giants have a ball-breaking schedule on tap, I don't see them winning the East.

The Cowboys are the Cowboys and Romo sits to pee is Romo sits to pee.

Eagles are going to win the division, it appears they have figured things out.

Redskins are going 3-13. :( Or offense is inept and the defense has regressed.

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Pretty much the same way as I had at pre-season.

Back then, I had the Eagles and Giants battling it out for the division, with Dallas and the 'Skins in the cellar. The only difference I see is Dallas probably edging up toward .500, with the 'Skins well adrift on 3 wins. (Maybe 4 if they get a game where the ball bounces their way.). Philthy to sneak the division late from NY.

But hey, at least we get to sit and laugh long and hard at ya' Westy come January when the big green comedy playoff show makes it's annual appearance.


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I see the Giants fizzling down the stretch. As helter skelter as the Cowboys are, I still think they can get to 9-10 wins. The Eagles are going to win the division, and are going to be a serious threat to the Packers as they continue to improve.

As for the Redskins, it would do my psyche a world of good if they decided to just begin the offseason early after tommorow and cancel the rest of the games...

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The Giants remaining schedule is absurdly hard. Absolutely brutal. I think they are the best team in the division but their schedule will keep them from the top spot.

The Cowboys remaining schedule is absurdly easy. They will easy rack up some more wins. I see them winning at least 7 more.

Cowboys with 10 wins

Giants/Eagles tied at 8-8 or so


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wait...how can any of you even think the giants will keep winning??? look at the rest of each nfc east teams schedule:


-Vs Seahawks-W (eahawks suck, dallas will be 4-4)

-Vs Bills-L (bills can pull off the upset, dallas is an up and down team. i think dallas will be 4-5)

-@ Redskins-L (each redskins vs cowboys game is close, and this one is at fedex field. im going with redskins to win and the cowboys to be 4-6)

-Vs Dolphins-W (dolphins suck. cowboys will be 5-6)

-@ Cardinals-W (cardinals arent that good. I would have to think the cowboys are the better team in this game. 6-6)

-Vs Giants-L (Giants are good. Cowboys will lose and be 6-7)

-@ Buccaneers-W (Buccaneers are almost a playoff team, but they still have holes to fix on their team. Cowboys will be 7-7)

-Vs Eagles-L (Eagles are too good for the cowboys. 34-7, need i say more? cowboys will fall to 7-8)

-@ Giants-L (it's at the giants stadium, which is why i see the cowboys losing, thus ending their season at 7-9)

Giants schedule:

@ Patriots-L (face it, nobody can keep up with the patriots. giants fall to 5-3)

@49ers-L (49ers are on a roll, and i dont excpect that to change except for tomorrow. giants will be 5-4)

Vs Eagles-L (Vick will be able to beat them, although it wont be an easy win like sunday nights game was. giants fall to 5-5)

@ Saints-L (the giants arent good enough to beat the saints imo. the giants will fall to 5-6)

Vs Packers-L (aaron godgers. need i say more??? giants fall to 5-7)

@ Cowboys-W (i would do anything to see a dallas loss in this game. giants will be 6-7)

Vs Redskins-L (redskins beat them in september, we can beat them again. Giants fall to 6-8)

@ Jets-W (jets suck, honestly. giants will be 7-8)

Vs Cowboys-W (again, i want dallas to lose. giants will finish the season at 8-8)

Eagles schedule:

Vs Bears-L (Bears can pull off the upset i think. eagles fall to 3-5)

Vs Cardinals-W (cardinals suck. eagles will be 4-5)

@ Giants-W (giants arent that good. yeah they are 5-2, but they have a history of falling apart late in the season. eagles will be 5-5)

Vs Patriots-L (patriots are amazing. eagles will be 5-6)

@ seahawks-W (seahawks suck. eagles will be 6-6)

@ dolphins-W (dolphins suck too. eagles will be 7-6)

Vs Jets-W (jets suck and are overrated. eagles will be 8-6)

@ cowboys-W (always love to see a a dallas loss. eagles will be 9-6)

Vs Redskins-L (Redskins pull off the upset. eagles finish the season at 9-7 and possibly a wildcard spot)

Redskins schedule:

Vs 49ers-W (49ers having to basically play an 11 AM game, redskins will find a way to win. 4-4)

@ Dolphins-W (dolphins suck. redskins can pull it off, 5-4)

Vs Cowboys-W (this will be a big game if we win the upcoming 2 games. redskins can win this at fedex. 6-4)

@ Seahawks-W (seahawks suck. 7-4)

Vs Jets-W (jets are overrated. 8-4)

Vs patriots-L (patriots are too good for the redskins, much less any other team. 8-5)

@ Giants-W (redskins will be pissed from the previous game. 9-5)

Vs Vikings-W (christian ponder will get sacked multiple times. 10-5)

@ eagles-W (redskins will pull off the upset. 11-5, redskins win the division)

ehhhh, a man can hope, right? but seriously, who doesnt kind of agree with me after looking at the remaining games for each team?

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The Eagles-Giants game in NY will be huge. If the Giants win and sweep Philly for the year, having that in their pockets for tiebreaker purposes will likely be the thing that gives NY the division this season.

The Cowboys just look like one of those teams doomed to .500 this year. As Cali said, the Skins will likely be just behind Dallas.

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Well, since were officially at the halfway point I'll throw in my 2 cents.

The Giants are the best team in the division right now, I don't think too many will argue otherwise. Eli is having an excellent season, and the front four for the Giants is playing out of their minds right now. Team looks about how it did when they made their SB run. I believe this is one of 2 teams in the NFC with a legit shot to beat GB in the playoffs, with the other being NO. Disrupting Rodgers rhythm is the way to beat them, and this front four is good enough to do it. The Giants were my pre-season division pick as well.

I really thought the Eagles were going to pull out a win last night and get back on track. I believe they'll have a good 2nd half of the season, but will fall short. With 2 games vs the Giants, home games vs NE and NYJ, and a road game in Dallas coming up I just don't see them going 7-1 and winning the division. Next 3 games are crucial. ARZ, NYG, NE. If they don't win two, done. Even if they win all three it's still up in the air.

The Redskins made a mistake by benching Grossman. Yeah bad Rex will lose you some games, but he also has the ability to move the ball better then Beck. So far Beck looks inept to be a starting QB IMO at least. The defense is good enough to keep them in most games though, so 3 more wins is definitely not out of the question. I see this team potentially playing spoiler to the Eagles or the Giants at the end of the season.

Through 8 games, it's still hard to get a read on this team. They've shown they can play with/beat anybody, and shown they can also lose to anybody. The success of this team in the 2nd half is highly on the rookie draft class IMO. Tyron has been playing well, but his play vs the strong pass rushers in the remaining 4 NFC East games is going to be key. When Sean Lee went down it became obvious James and Brooking will not get the job done. Brooking isn't an NFL caliber player anymore, and James can't cover anyone. (Not that he ever really could) Bruce Carter must step up down the stretch, especially as a nickle linebacker, which is a huge weakness on this team. And 3rd, Murray. If Murray continues to run like he has been, Dallas actually has a shot in this division despite their flaws.

Final NFC East Standings:

Giants- 11-5

Cowboys- 9-7

Eagles- 8-8

Redskins- 5-11

No WC for the Cowboys. Lose out in tiebreaker with Lions. That epic meltdown continues to haunt them.

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The Eagles are done...

Giants will win the division. Dallas will get a stab at one of the Wildcard spots.

I think both the wildcards come out of the NFCN. Detroit and Chicago are probably gonna end up with better records than the Cows. Atlanta might finally be getting their act together too. I doubt the East gets a WC

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Yeah seriously, theres no way in hell that the Beckskins are winning 4 more games.

As for the Wildcard, I think that NO/ATL is going to be a dogfight for the South. Detroit and Chicago will be interesting too.

Unless the Lions completely collapse, they're in, which means that Philly, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta/New Orleans are all fighting for one spot. People are going to be hurting this Christmas.

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Giants 10-6

Eagles 9-7

Cowboys 9-7

Skins 7-9

God it pains me to have to agree with such as ******* username (no offense personally :D), but its obvious you've got more sense than the 2 ****ing knuckleheads above me. I think thats a fairly accurate prediction of the NFCE and wouldn't surprise me one bit if ended up exactly as you've got it. Maybe the eagles go 8-8, and cowboys slip by them into 2nd (but thats basically a coin flip at this point).

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I see the Giants winning the division.. the Eagles were coming on strong, but the Bears stuck the knife in and twisted it the other night.

the Eagles will make noise but finish second.. and will miss the wild card.

The Cowboys will beat weaker teams and average teams but no one else, much as they are now. They'll keep the fans interested, but ultimately will show that they are not ready.

The Redskins spend the rest of the year floundering with no QB.


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Giants 10-6

Eagles 8-8

Cowboys 7-9

Redskins 4-12

Dammit I'm so tired of being the NFC East Cellar Dweller. Tired of being the joke of the NFC East. There was a time when the Cardinals would always take up the slack as the bottom team when you were having a bad season. We're now the Cardinals. Dammit, dammit, dammit. So tired of my team being laughed at. I want it to be 1991 all over again so I can laugh at everyone else. Just for day.

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